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Welcome! Welcome!! Come on in and take a look around. Isn't the new layout fabulous? After seeing Christina's work on my girl Jamie's blog, Rural Glamour and what she created for my bestie's site, I was convinced she could revamp my corner of the web.

I had a few ideas of my own but wasn't sure of what I really wanted. Based on the sites in her portfolio, I felt comfortable giving Christina free reign to come up with something and she really delivered. We communicated via email and she was so easy to work with. The tone of her emails was very warm and friendly. She answered all my questions and was open to my suggestions. Christina could teach a class in customer service. Her professionalism and quick response really impressed me.

If you're thinking about having your blog or website redesigned I highly recommend Visual Luxe.

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Christina is the best. I had her do some work on my blog and I must say that I am happy. She is going to do some other things to my blog, but I am just like you so happy to know that there are people out there who are professionals and do great work.

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