Fashion's Night Out The Chicago Version


Last Friday, Chicago joined in the Fashion's Night Out  (FNO) festivities that was a smash hit last year in New York.

Not one to miss anything fashion related, I took a stroll over to Michigan Avenue right after work to meet up with friends for the fashion show at Nordstrom and other festiveness along the Mag Mile.

After the fashion show, we embarked on a walking adventure down Michigan Avenue to check out our favorite stores. 

We went to Neiman Marcus where the highlights for me were drooling over the most gorgeous Manolo sandals that had feathers, Miu Miu spectator pumps with a massive high heel, and a cute pair of Chanel sneakers. I was standing about three steps away from Usher's mom, yes, you read that right Usher's mom, Jonetta Patton was in Neiman Marcus. She was buying shoes. I don't know what kind of shoes she was getting, but we were standing in the Chanel section. A million thoughts were running through my mind. I wanted to yell "Where's your son!?!?" or "Buy me a pair of shoes!!!" (Hey, it's not like she couldn't afford to, lol!) Alas, I said nothing. I did smile when she glanced my way. I tried to get a picture on the DL but there wasn't an opportunity and besides I didn't want to be the girl who got told off by Usher's mom, besides Tameka Foster No-Longer Raymond already has that honor. Let me stop being bad, lol!

The last stop on our FNO field trip was the Water Tower. The party was beginning to wind down by the time we made it there, but that didn't deter us. Stores were still open and we had a little bit of energy left to browse. Surprisingly we didn't buy anything! A group of shopaholics and not one purchase was made. Shocking! I think we were all having too much fun hanging out and enjoying the gorgeous night.

After experiencing Chicago's Fashion's Night Out, I have to get to New York to experience theirs. Something tells me that New York's FNO swagger is on a hundred thousand trillion (yeah I quoted Kanye West there. Just seemed like the right thing to do.)

Here are a few pictures from FNO:

Also check out my girl Rai over at Swa Rai, who had upcoming Chicago photographer, Martin Needham snapping pictures for the night.




Usher's mom! That is hilarious. Damn straight she needed to buy yu a pair of shoes. Ha!

Spanic said...

Ushers mom? Lol...

Spanic from Remedies for Eye bags

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