MESS New York Mineral Make Up


MESS New York offers 100% Pure Colorful Mineral Makeup with an amazing depth of color. I have the blush in Grand Central Station, bronzer in William Street, Jane Street Eyeshadow, Houston Street Loose Mineral Eye Shadow, and the Lip Varnish in Murray Hill.
Too say that I'm loving these products is a complete understatement. The bronzer and the blush together really wake up my complexion. The coverage is great! Its not cakey or fake looking at all. The finish is so natural looking. These products do not make my skin look sallow or ashy, they blend well, and they are weightless. And Murray Hill is the perfect pink for us brown girls and it has great staying power.
MESS also offers makeup workshops in addtion to a hair salon in their studio. Full service beauty...What more can you ask for???
Hopefully MESS will expand with locations in the future. MESS Los Angeles...MESS Chicago...MESS Atlanta...Just throwing a few ideas out, lol!
Check them out at They have a Glam Holiday sale going on right now. Treat yourself or your friends to some great new makeup.

I'm a Phyto Believer

Phytospecific Phytorelaxer

Over the years, I've heard too many to count glowing reviews about the Phytospecific Phytorelaxer. There are so many websites of testimonials where women rave about how much they love this relaxer. I decided to jump on the Phyto train and see if this product lives up to the hype.

I had trouble finding a salon in Chicago that uses Phytorelaxer. The product is sold at Sephora for those brave enough to relax their hair at home. I am not that brave. I know my limitations and leave certain tasks to trained professionals when it comes to my hair. Luckily I found a salon that has stylists trained to do the Phytorelaxer. I got my first Phytorelaxer two days ago.

Honestly I was more than a little concerned because I had a LOT of new growth; I was worried that the relaxer would not get my hair as straight as I like. The stylist worked the relaxer through my hair very quickly and smoothed it throughout the new growth. She went over the new growth and edges twice then told me to follow her to the shampoo bowl. After the rinsing of the relaxer, the shampooing, and the restructurer (conditioning treatment), I was ready to see my hair.

I was blown away by what I saw. After it was rinsed out my hair was very slick and straight. As she began to blowdry my hair on a very low heat setting, my hair looked transformed. I could not believe the amount of bounce and body I was seeing. The style looked amazing because there was life to my hair. With other relaxers my hair looked okay but the style would lose most of it's ooomph by the time I left the salon. Two days later and my hair has retained the bounce and the glossiness. Overall my hair appears to be in very good condition. Phytorelaxer has made a believer out of me!

Check out these sites to learn more about the Phytorelaxer:

On TV Tonight: Project Runway!!!!!!!


I'm doing a little happy dance over here, because my fashion amigos will be back on Bravo tonight. Miss Heidi, Miss Nina, Mr. Michael Kors, and Mr. Tim "Make it Work" Gun!!!!!!

Project Runway is my favorite reality show. I'm too excited about season four.

Let me know what you think of tonight's premiere!!!!

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KISSABLE COUTURE Launch Event @ Fred Segal

In Los Angeles on Tuesday Nov 13th Keisha Whitaker and Celebrity Makeup Artist AJ Crimson, the creative geniuses behind this fabulous lip gloss, hosted a Kissable Couture Launch Party at Fred Segal.

Here's a few pictures. Everyone looks stunning!

Keisha Whitaker & AJ Crimson

Christina Milian

Tia Mowry & AJ Crimson

Keisha & Forrest Whitaker

Shaun Robinson

pictures courtesy of Troy Monaco

Product Review: Cover Girl Lash Blast

I found CG Lash Blast at CVS last Saturday. New mascara makes me so giddy!!!! I have a serious mascara fetish and I try almost every new one that comes out.

I had high hopes for Lash Blast. In my mind it was to be on par with Dior Show. The large brush worked well and the product goes on well. I'm just not all that crazy about the volume. Lash Blast just doesn't do it for me when it comes to volume. My lashes are long but they lack in the volume department.

I was expecting mega volume from Lash Blast and that isn't what I got.

In my opinion, this is an okay mascara but if you are looking for serious volume continue your search because Lash Blast does not deliver.

A Moment of Silence for Dr. Donda West


Yesterday I woke up to the very sad news that Dr. Donda West (Kanye's mom) had passed away.
I had the pleasure of taking two summer school English classes with Dr. West when I was in college. She was such a phenomenal woman. She didn't just teach English - she taught black pride and black history.

I used to spend a few minutes after class talking to Dr. West when schedules permitted. We talked about books and writing. She was so encouraging and always wore a smile. I'm very happy to have been in her classes and to have learned from such an intelligent woman.

**Please visit the Kanye West Foundation for more information.

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Holiday Entertaining Pt. 2 -


4 Cocktails, a hip new entertaining site has all sorts of party ideas and drink recipes. This is so timely for the upcoming holiday season.

How about creating some yummy dessert cocktails? Here are a few recipes to try:

DeKuyper Apple Pie
1 part DeKuyper® HotDamn!® 30 Proof Cinnamon Schnapps
1 part DeKuyper® Pucker® Sour Apple Schnapps
2 parts ABSOLUT® Vodka

Pour ingredients into a shaker with ice
Shake until well chilled
Strain into a chilled martini glass
Optional - garnish with a sprinkle of cinnamon and an apple slice

Caramel Appletini
1 part DeKuyper® ButterShots® Schnapps
2 parts DeKuyper® Pucker® Sour Apple Schnapps
2 parts ABSOLUT® Vodka

Pour ingredients into a shaker with ice
Shake until well chilled
Strain into a chilled martini glass
Optional – garnish with a slice of caramel apple (delicious!)

Oatmeal Cookie
1 part DeKuyper® Amaretto Liqueur
1 part DeKuyper® HotDamn!® Cinnamon Schnapps
2 parts DeKuyper® ButterShots® Schnapps
2 parts Starbucks™ Cream Liqueur or Irish Cream

Pour ingredients into a shaker with ice
Shake until well chilled
Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice

Leave a comment and let me know how you like the dessert cocktails! Cheers!
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Holiday Entertaining Pt. 1 - Choosing a Caterer

A Step by Step Guide to Choosing the Best Caterer for Your Holiday Needs

By Emil Grosso, President, Sebastians Café and Catering

**A special thank you to Emil and Laura!!!!

With the holidays just around the corner, well-informed hosts know to book their caterers early to ensure the success of their parties and events.
The right caterer can make or break a get together, so research and proper selection are necessary to plan the perfect gathering. Begin the process by defining the type of event you are planning - a sophisticated holiday cocktail party, a formal sit down dinner, a dinner and dancing extravaganza or a casual sing along or trim a tree.
Once you have the concept, you are on your way. Next, select the date for the event, keeping in mind to avoid conflicts such as the first night of Hanukah, Christmas Eve, or the same day that others you are inviting may have a conflict.

Now that you have defined the type of event you want to host, and selected a date on which to host it, it is time to think about the proper help you need.
During the busy holiday season, engaging the outside help of a competent caterer will enable you to plan, and enjoy, your event.
When looking for a caterer, reputation is a critical factor. Ask friends and colleagues for recommendations of caterers that they have used in the past. Think about parties you have attended where everything was "just right" in terms of food, service and display. Seek out the names of the caterers with a reputation for excellent food and service. Creativity and unique menus also make events memorable and are attributes you should seek out.
Once you've identified your list, you can begin your research with calls to find out availability. When you have narrowed your list down to a few choice caterers who are available the date you wish to have your party, it is time to delve in and select just the right one for your needs. This involves interviewing the caterer, selecting and tasting menus, discussing theme and rental needs, working out beverage arrangements, agreeing upon price and service requirements/fees and always checking references.

The first step is meeting with the caterer. Meet privately with the caterer at their place of business or kitchen. Do not agree to meet with the caterer while he or she is catering someone else's wedding or event. Why not? Yes, you may want to see him or her in "action", but this means the event at hand does not have the caterer's full attention. And, if they make a habit of meeting with prospects at other events, this caterer will most likely do the same to you during your holiday party. When you pay top price for a caterer, you deserve their full attention.

Find out who will be your day to day and on site contact for your event. Be sure you feel comfortable with this person - you want an event manager who is competent and client service oriented. During your meeting, ask for a list of references that have used the caterer to plan similar events. Be sure to call and speak with these references - and do ask for their feedback. Never book a caterer who has not given you a number of references of satisfied clients who have recently used them.

When selecting menu choices and serving formats ask the caterer for recommendations based on similar parties they have worked. For a formal dinner party, ask for a sampling of three or four course menu suggestions - from soup to salad, dinner and dessert. For a party based on heavy appetizers and signature cocktails (think red and green martini combinations) ask for a menu recommendation that will satisfy guests while still being finger food oriented. A more casual affair such as a neighborhood sing along still requires significant planning. Have the caterer suggest menus that are crowd pleasers such as warm winter soups, crisp salads with seasonal favorites such as cranberries or apple slices, warm cookies for dessert, and gourmet hot chocolates and coffees for after dinner.

The menu is the cornerstone of any event, so make sure your caterer is using only the freshest ingredients. Inquire if the caterer uses all fresh food, or if any of the foods will be previously frozen. Top caterers always work with fresh food, and rarely will use canned or frozen ingredients. Additionally, don't be afraid to ask the caterer for special accommodations for some of your guests. Most caterers can provide a vegetarian option, a Kosher meal, or specially prepared children's selections. Also, be sure to tell the caterer about any food allergies that your guests may have-this will be important information for food preparation.

Family traditions are part of the holidays. If family members are on the invitation list and they have certain "must have" holiday favorite recipes, do not be shy about telling your caterer. A good caterer will incorporate a family recipe into a menu should you ask. Using grandma's secret recipe or serving a family's ethnic foods are a wonderful way to personalize a holiday party.

Once you have settled on the menu, it is important to taste it. Arrange for a time to visit your caterer where they will have a tasting menu prepared for you. Taste and presentation are important. If you don't like something about the menu, the tasting is the perfect time to discuss it with your caterer. Remember, this is your party and details matter. A good caterer is there to work with you to ensure that the event is just the way you want it to be.

When at the tasting, also ask to see photographs of the caterer's table displays. Some caterers who provide buffets or food stations include floral arrangements and other decorations within their fees and range of services. Ask the caterer whether he or she will be supplying decorations, linens, tables, chairs, plates, silver wear and other rentals. All top caterers have arrangements with reliable rental companies to provide the settings that you may need. Discuss the options available - you may have six stunning martini glasses at home, but are inviting twenty to your get together. Mix and matching what you already own with beautiful, coordinating rentals can often add flare to a party.

Discuss your needs with your caterer - you want to ensure that you have the proper amount of service wear for your event, and that the look and feel of the party is exactly what you had in mind. Linens are available in a myriad of styles and colors. Shimmering floor length table cloths can add just the right touch of elegance. Your caterer will help you select just the right look, which complements your home or party venue, the food, and creates the ambiance of the event. Remember, rentals are typically an extra cost so be sure to get a through breakdown of anticipated and agreed upon expenses from your event manager.

The next question is now -- What about staffing? If the caterer's price includes the cost of the meal and your place settings, does it also include staff for the event? Or do you need to pay an extra hourly rate? Different catering companies price their services differently, so be sure to ask. Make sure your caterer has experienced staff -- inquire how long their servers have been with the company. Y ou might be surprised. Quality caterers will have experienced staff, and the difference in service will show. Additionally, catering staff should also be properly attired so no one mistakes them for guests. Ask the caterer how their staff will be dressed at your event. And last, but not least, staff should look like they are enjoying themselves. A simple smile goes a long way.

Another question to ask is "How will the meal be served?" Passed, plated, buffet? If you are having a buffet meal, is the buffet going to be served or do guests help themselves? These days, served buffets are very popular but be sure the caterer comes prepared with an extra 10 per cent of food - just in case a guest takes a larger portion or helps themselves to seconds.

Additionally please discuss drinks and alcohol. Most caterers will provide a bartender (and often insist upon liquor liability insurance for each guest). Alcohol is typically a separate charge. Be sure to go over exactly what you want served - for cocktails, what level of liquor do you want poured? Top shelf? In terms of wines, be sure to approve the bottles that will be poured..a lighter pinot gris for a luncheon, an oaky chardonnay with dinner, a robust red to accompany a hearty stew..the wine needs to complement the meal. Always have ample supply of non-alcoholic beverages available as well - flavored sparkling waters, sodas, coffees and teas.

A good caterer will be licensed to serve both food and beverage in your home, and will most certainly help you pair the proper amount and type of beverage with your meal selections.

Finally let's talk about price --- What does the total price include? Be sure you have a detailed breakdown of food, rentals, service fees and gratuities, beverage and tax. Ask the caterer if the gratuity for the staff is included in the overall fee - or are they expecting a cash tip the evening of the event? Be sure to have a contract. This way both parties understand explicitly the terms of the event. Review the contract for date, time, and guaranteed number of attendees. Up until what date can you add or delete guests from the contract (important information in terms of your RSVP date). Come to an agreement on all fees, gratuities, sufficient insurance, extra charges, payment schedules, and cancellation policy. Caterers often quote prices based on a certain number or minimum number of guests. Keep in mind a caterer may base an estimate on a minimum of 100 guests, so if you only have 80, there might be an extra fee. A standard is 50 percent as a down payment, with the balance due at a later, specific date.

Having a good idea of your budget is crucial when picking a caterer. The fees and extras add up quickly so be prepared for them, or have a contingency plan. For a less formal get together, you may determine a buffet will cut down on service fees. You may select less expensive liquors or wines to be served. Remember, these are the details to work out with the caterer well before the actual party. Preparation and communication are paramount between you and your caterer to ensure an event which will work well within your budget.

Working with a good caterer will enable you to host a party that will be enjoyable for all - most especially you! These tips are general guidelines that today's top caterers are trained to follow. A good caterer will be delighted to review these areas and work with you as a team in hosting a memorable and well-executed event.
1. Define the type of event you plan to host
2. Select a date, avoiding obvious conflicts
3. Identify several caterers
4. Ask for references and make sure to check them
5. Schedule a tasting
6. Make arrangements for special accommodations such as vegetarian or kosher meals
7. Address special requests
8. Ask for photographs of previous events the caterer has managed
9. Iron out details such as linens, flowers, and tableware
10. Discuss service and staffing options
11. Discuss how alcoholic drinks will be handled
12. Know your budget and know what is included in the caterer's estimate.
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The Beauty Diary - Ladies you need this!!!!!


I'm more than just a little excited about the following press release. We need to shower Bailey Orenia-Sessoms with praise for creating the Beauty Diary. I know I need one and plan to order a bunch for Christmas...they'll make great stocking stuffers for the girls. Read on!!!!!

For Immediate Release


Crofton, Md. (November 7, 2007) The Beauty Diary ($9.95, Beauty Books Publishing) allows fashionistas to keep track of all their beauty purchases and services, create color swatches of products in their makeup kit, log their most recent spa treatments and the service techs they like best, jot down that custom hair color, and write down some beauty secrets of their own.

"Over the years I noticed how my clients were playing the guessing game, as they tried to figure out when they purchased a certain lipstick, if they had a similar color already, or the last time they received a particular beauty service." says author, makeup artist and beauty expert Bailey Orenia-Sessoms. "I figured there had to be a better way for them to keep track of it all."

The book is a tongue-in-cheek reference to her beauty experiences as a makeup artist. Orenia-Sessoms shares her tips on managing beauty cravings and maintaining organization including:

**Makeup counter survival tips
**How to pick a hair stylist that's right for you
**How to track down your favorite beauty products
**The lifespan of your makeup

Beauty tools, skincare, foundation and concealer are a few more topics you'll find in Bailey Orenia-Sessoms' new book. The 80-page publication features product beauty tips and is organized by services. It also has a section with face charts, to help readers re-create their new look at home.

The Beauty Diary, a perfect handbag size style journal for women and teens and will become a reliable personal beauty assistant.

About Bailey E. Orenia-Sessoms: She made her debut as a professional makeup artist in 1997, working on a print campaign for Adidas. Since then, Bailey has provided makeup services for countless major entertainment companies including GOD TV, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon and Black Entertainment Television.

She has written a beauty column for AOL's Black Voices, helped launch as their style producer, and has been featured as a beauty expert on news shows and in news publications such as the New York Daily News. In 2005 Bailey launched her private makeup line Bō Cosmetics™ ( She resides in Maryland with her husband.

Availability: Bailey is readily available for interviews.

If you would like to receive a copy of The Beauty Diary for review please contact me at (301) 666-3381 or

Contact: Paris Hall at (301) 666-3381 or via email at

Beauty Books Publishing
ISBN# 978-1-60461-771-9
Available at:


Follow Up: Southern Beauty Magazine - Where can I find it???

A few people emailed me to find out where they can purchase Southern Beauty magazine.

The holiday issue will be on newsstands in the South on November 27th. You can find it at Books-a-Million or Barnes & Noble.

The “official” national newsstand launch will be in March 2008 and it will be available everywhere in the US and Canada .

Get in touch with your inner B. Smith...


Lately I've really wanted to cook and entertain. I envision myself whipping up tasty delights for a small dinner party. Just so I'm being honest here, I'm about as non domestic as they come.
I do enjoy good food and good company, sadly the good food is never my contribution.

My goal is to get in touch with the B. Smith that lives within me and not cause people the need to have their tummy's pumped after eating my experiments, er..uh, cooking. I will conquer the kitchen and make a meal that my friends and family WILL eat and love (or at least like).

Miss Jamie aka Rural Glamour has been cooking up a storm and posting all about it. Check out some of her yummy recipes. I'm thinking about trying the Apple Brandy Chicken.

As the holidays get closer its time to plan your soirees. This Friday, Emil Grosso, President of Sebastians will tell us how to choose a caterer for the holidays.

Be sure to check out A Life of Style's Holiday Entertaining post!
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Southern Beauty Magazine

Contact: Meredith Turner
The Rosen Group

~ Ring all the Belles! ~

Southern Beauty Makes a Stunning Debut -

New Beauty Title Unlocks Secrets to Everyday Elegance and Inner Beauty for Women Everywhere

Birmingham, AL (October 22, 2007) — The “Southern woman” is quite possibly the last remaining socially acceptable stereotype. In these uncertain times it’s an image of Americana many people find as comforting as a warm slice of apple pie (think Steel Magnolias and Designing Women). “That’s fine,” says Shannon Lindsay, founder and publisher of Southern Beauty, an exquisite new beauty book launching first with a preview issue in October 2007, “as long as they remember that we are also smart, sophisticated, stylish and trendy.”

It was while working in the fragrance industry for cosmetic and fashion empires Aramis (a division of the Estee’ Lauder Companies) and Ralph Lauren, that Lindsay and her colleagues noticed a void in the market for beauty titles targeted to women who live in the South, the number one purchaser of luxury goods in the nation. They conceived Southern Beauty as a way to fill the gap while granting advertisers access to this targeted and untapped audience of smart, affluent women who are passionate about style and beauty. The preview issue will be followed by a holiday issue in November, with a full national newsstand launch slated for March.

“The pop-cultural impact of modern Southern women like Julia Roberts, Faith Hill, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Ashley Judd, Jessica Simpson and our preview cover model Reese Witherspoon, has gone far in changing the world’s perception of Southern women. These strong, stylish women possess an outer beauty that is undeniable, but in our opinion, it’s their inner beauty that really makes them shine,” said Lindsay, who counts fellow Mississippi native Oprah Winfrey as one of her role models. “Oprah is an inspiration to so many women. She is an incredibly smart business woman with poise and self-assurance, but she also knows how to have a good laugh,” said Lindsay. “And that kind of balance is at the heart of Southern Beauty.”

By addressing the complete beauty needs of women—both inner and outer, Southern Beauty will be the most trusted source for beauty information, delivering the latest product information and expert advice with entertaining and thought-provoking articles, all told through the eyes of seasoned beauty insiders with a distinct Southern voice.

Southern Beauty is delivered in a reader-friendly format that is stylish, yet inviting— hallmark attributes of a true “Southern beauty.” Each issue will deconstruct Southern charm by dividing it into its four most essential components: face, hair, body and soul, with regular sections devoted to the care and maintenance of each.

Highlights of the preview issue include:

FACE: Clarins celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose shares tips on how to put your best face forward in under five minutes; eye-opening solutions to combat premature aging; a top ten list for achieving healthy skin; and real beauty tips for real women of all ages.

BODY: Southern Beauty’s own spa treatment expert, known simply as “Spa Girl,” reports on the ultimate pampering experiences guaranteed to make readers relax and “listen to their bodies;” and bath and shower must-haves for when the closest you can get to a spa day is a few minutes in your tub.

SOUL: Yoga is demystified, revealing the very real mind, body and soul benefits hiding behind all the hype; age is embraced; and in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, two survivors share their inspirational stories of hope, recovery and higher-callings.

HAIR: Miracle creams capable of banishing “bad hair days” for good; hairsprays guaranteed not to wilt under the most humid Southern conditions; and a modern twist on the vintage updo.

In addition, Southern Beauty’s team of beauty insiders share the products they can’t live without and renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown lends her expert advice on looking great in less time. And, finally, because no Southern debutante would dream of making her debut without her pearls on, Southern Beauty’s last page, entitled “Pearls of Wisdom,” leaves readers with just that.

Demonstrating the spending power of the South, upscale advertisers like Laura Mercier, Dillard’s, Borghese and Christian Dior are featured in the preview issue. “Southern women are attracted to quality, prestige and luxury,” noted Lindsay. “They buy for both want and need, and Southern Beauty is the perfect vehicle for advertisers to reach this untapped market. The response so far has been exceptional.”

Southern Beauty’s demographic is well educated, professional females between the ages of 25 and 49. Readers of the preview issue skewed 95 percent female with a median age of 35 years old and a median household income of over $100,000, with 71 percent owning their principal residence. Southern Beauty is headquartered in Birmingham, AL.

For more information, images or to speak with an editor, please contact Meredith Turner at
or 212.255.8455.


If you're a fan of the cinema and want to learn about some of the extremely talented African American women who are doing MAJOR things in the film industry then plan on attending the African American Women in Cinema Film Festival. This looks like an experience you don't want to miss - just think of the networking opportunities!!!

Friday, November 9th, 2007
6:30pm - 10:30pm

by Focus Features

African American Women in Cinema is proud to Salute Director Kasi Lemmons
-come meet the director as we screen her current film Talk To Me starring Don Cheadle

HBO1100 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036Sponsored by: MOSAICTo attend please reserve seating at:
troy@megamanagementinc.comSeating is limited for this screening

Saturday, November 10th, 2007
9:00amNew World Stages, 340 West 50th Street, NYC 10019

Actor's Workshop with Casting Director, Winsome SinclairTitle: Upclose and Personal with the Actor

Overview: The art of the audition, learn what the casting directors are looking for when casting projects.

Workshop Participants include:
Acting Coach / Casting Director: Tracey Moore - Marable
Actor: Funmi Desalu (Ugly Betty)

Actors are encouraged to bring headshots. Click here to purchase tickets for this workshop.

10:00amNew World Stages, 340 West 50th Street, NYC 10019

Producers Keynote Panel
Title: The Day in the Life of a Producer, moderated by Crystal McCrary Anthony (Dirty Laundry)
Overview: Defining the role of a producer while understanding the process of securing financing.
Resource materials will be provided.

Click here to purchase tickets for this workshop.11:00am

Film Screening Program I

New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street(between 8th & 9th Avenues), NYC 10019

Click here to purchase tickets for Screening Program I1:45pm

Film Screening Program II

New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street(between 8th & 9th Avenues), NYC 10019

Click here to purchase tickets for Screening Program II

The Door
508 Ninth Avenue
(38th x 39th Street), NYC 10018

MEDIA Keynote Panel Title: Women Images and Media, moderated by, Michaela Angela Davis
Participants: Sharon Thomas (MS, NCC, LPC) The Paper Dolls (Creators of the All Women Internet Radio Show)
Jennifer Oxley (Creative Director, Little Airplane Productions).Overview: The power that imagery has over women and its effects.Sponsored by: Rock Me TV

Click here to purchase tickets for this panel.

The Door
508 Ninth Avenue
(38th x 39th Street), NYC 10018

Music Keynote Panel Title: Music on Screen, moderated by, Thembisa S. Mshaka

Participant: Marty Majeske (ASCAP)

Overview: Securing music for your film.Sponsored by: Rock Me TV
Click here to purchase tickets for this workshop.

Sunday, November 11th, 2007
The Cinema Restaurant

2 East 45th Street,
(between 5th and Madison Avenues)
New York, NY 10017 10017

11:00am - 2:00pm

Special 10th Anniversary Celebration Women's Empowerment Brunch and Closing Award Ceremony Hosted by, Denise Richardson (WNET)

Honoree: Tasha Smith (Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married)

Sponsored by: Bombay Sapphire and New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT)

Click here to purchase tickets for these events.
Screening tickets are $15.00 each. Workshop tickets are $25.00 each. Sunday Brunch tickets are $80.00 advance online purchase

($125.00 at the door).
Click here to purchase a One Day Pass ($80.00)

Click here to purchase a Festival All Access Pass ($190.00)

Seating is limited for all events -- first come, first served. Tickets will be on sale through midnight, November 7th, 2007

For Press Credentials please email
Visit for complete listing of all festival events.

M by Shakara Collection


metrostyle Catalog and Website Introduces M by Shakara Collection

-Supermodel/Actress Shakara Ledard Debuts Fashion Forward Spring Line for Redcats USA -

WEST BRIDGEWATER, MA (October 2007)-metrostyle (, a brand of Redcats USA , one of the country's home shopping leaders, has entered into an exclusive relationship with the renowned model and actress Shakara Ledard. The new spring collection, M by Shakara, will debut in both the metrostyle catalog and on the website in mid February. The collection is comprised of stunning separates which can be easily mixed and matched for a day to evening wardrobe. Distinguishing features include updated trends, brilliant colors, luxe materials and value pricing.

"We are thrilled to work with Shakara on this very special collection," explains metrostyle Vice President and General Brand Manager Sandy Forgione. "Shakara has a wonderful fashion sense; these pieces combine the very latest fashions with extremely affordable price points. The collection will showcase trend-focused designs that accentuate Ledard's personal flair for high fashion." Sandy Forgione added, "Another important component of the line is sizing; all clothing items will be available in sizes 4-20."

The M by Shakara collection features mix and match clothing and accessories that are geared to the stylish, contemporary woman. Retail price points range from $14.99 for a wide patent belt with covered buckle to $149.99 for a metallic leather trench coat. (Most items retail for well under $100.) Highlights include a satin bubble skirt ($49.99); a metallic knit dress ($59.99); a satin clutch with patent-croc trim ($29.99).

Shakara Ledard is a Bahamian-born model known the world over for gracing such national magazines as Sports Illustrated and Essence. She has been the premiere face of metrostyle since 2002.

"I'm so pleased to be working with metrostyle," states Shakara Ledard. "This collaboration enables me to design the style of clothes I love to wear-pieces that really make a statement but are designed to flatter the female figure. The fact that these clothes are available for women of all sizes and at truly affordable prices is important to me. I look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with metrostyle."

In addition to M by Shakara, metrostyle spring offerings include the fashionable Platinum Design Collection as well as the new metrostyle Spring 2008 Collection. The apparel mix is quite impressive: ankle zip stretch jeans, supple leather jackets, cropped blazers, shapely wrap dresses and fitted sheath dresses. Accessories run the gamut from peep toe pumps to colorful patent leather satchels to zebra print totes. Both collections emphasize the top fashion trends at prices well below department and specialty stores.

About Redcats USA
Redcats USA is a multi-channel home shopping leader with eleven well-known brands in its portfolio: Chadwick's, metrostyle, Woman Within, Jessica London, Roaman's, La Redoute USA, KingSize, BrylaneHome, BrylaneHome Kitchen, The Sportsman's Guide and The Golf Warehouse. Redcats USA offers a wide range of value and quality driven merchandise categories, including missy apparel, men's and women's plus-size apparel, home and lifestyle products, and outdoor gear.

About Redcats Group
Redcats USA is a division of Redcats Group, a global leader in Home Shopping for apparel and home furnishing. Drawing on a multichannel network combining catalogues, e-commerce and stores, Redcats Group generated 4.33 billion euros of sales in 2006 with 17 brands in 28 countries and a staff of 20,000 associates. Sales are split between France (46.4%), USA (27.5%) and the rest of the world (26.1%). Redcats Group is a PPR Company. For any further information:

# # #

Meet the Creators of Kissable Couture


Click image to enlarge...

Two in store appearances by Keisha Nash Whitaker &
AJ Crimson.
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