An Almost Overwhelming Shopping Experience


Hello Fab Ones! How is the long weekend treating you so far? I hope you’re all relaxing and enjoying yourselves.

I just had to tell you guys about my Saturday which was spent at the Randolph Street Market. I’ve been on the Market’s mailing list for quite some time but never had the opportunity to go due to schedule conflicts. I was determined not to miss another one so I skipped out of class early so I could experience the market for myself. I met up with my girl Nikia from ChiTown Fashionista and two of her friends.

Those of you who know me, know that I love to shop. I love to browse. I love to buy. I can easily spend an entire day shopping. I. Love. To. Shop. The market was almost an overwhelming shopping venture for me, but like the trooper I am, I soldiered on ;) There was so much vintage clothing, jewelry, home decor items, vintage furniture, restored furniture, artwork, vases, designer handbags (I’m talking Herm├Ęs Birkin, Chanel, and Goyard steamer trunks). As a devout handbag lover, I was damn near faint at the sight of the vintage Louis Vuittion and Goyard luggage.

I was hoping to find some vintage sundresses but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Many of the vintage pieces I found were too big. I was salivating over this green floor length Helen Roper-esque caftan that I was forced to leave behind *sad face* So what did I buy?

Silver leaves pin Silver and gold cushion pin money clip
Silver leaf pin: $3.50, Gold plated money clip: $2.50, Silver & Gold cushion pin: $3

I just fell in love with both the pins and the money clip is for my brother’s birthday. I saw so much more that I wanted but I behaved myself. There will be other markets and I will be back.

If you’re in the Chicago area and have never been to the Randolph Street Market, I highly suggest you check it out. You won’t be disappointed. This is one market where you can find any and every thing you’re looking for and even items you didn’t know you wanted, lol!

Here are a few tips I learned for any future visits:
  • Wear comfortable flats.
  • Carry a small across the body bag so your hands are free.
  • If it’s sunny wear your sunscreen.
  • Bring cash (there was an ATM station but I believe in avoiding fees at all costs).
  • Bring a bottle of water.
  • Don’t forget your hand sanitizer (touching all the vintage items makes for some slightly unclean hands).

For more information:
Randolph Street Market

Here Comes The Sun {Apply Sunscreen}


Nina Simone’s 1971 album cover ‘Here Comes The Sun’

Here comes the sun little darlin, here comes the sun I say, its all right, its all right! Little Darlin its been a long cold & lonely winter, little darlin it feels like years since you've been here!

Those are the lyrics to one of my favorite Nina Simone songs, Here Comes The Sun. I often find myself humming it when the sun and warm weather actually arrives in Chicago. The past few days the sun has been beaming and the temperatures have been in the middle to upper 80’s. Yes!!!!

I spent two days in the sun and can you believe I forgot to put on sunscreen? Yes, brown people need sunscreen too. Realizing I was all out of sunscreen, off to CVS I went to spend my $6 in Extra Care dollars towards the purchase of somebody’s sun shielding agent.

Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock was the first one I checked, but the $14.99 price tag made me pause. Luckily CVS has an identical version for $7.99 ($2+ for me once my Extra Care bucks were applied):
cvs sheer mist sunscreen
I won’t be going outside again on a hot, hot, hot day without misting myself with sunscreen. There are higher SPF levels if you need it but, SPF 45 will suffice for me.

Enjoy the sun but don’t forget your sunscreen!

My Natural Nails & I

cg strong adhesion base coat seche vite top coaat nailtiques formula 2  BB_CUTICLE-CREAM sally-hansen-maximum-growth

Years ago I wore acrylic tips, acrylic overlays, and silk wraps over my natural nails. I really did not need those nail enhancements but back then airbrushed designs, rhinestones, and other designs were all the rage. Looking back I am more than a little embarrassed at my slightly around the way girl nails sans the bad attitude, extensions, and Fendi bag. I’ll chalk it up to youth and thank God there are no pictures of my unsightly bedazzled all to hell talons.

Now I’m a much more classy and refined woman who would never go there again. Spa manicures and pedicures are my favorite inexpensive pick me ups. My friends are always amazed at how I’m able to make my mani/pedis last longer than the typical one to two weeks.

Well to begin with I don’t do my own nails. My hands aren’t that steady and the end result would look crazy so to the nail salon I go. I always bring my own polish because I have seen some nail technicians thin their polish with acetone remover. Shady. I just feel better bringing my own. I also bring my China Glaze Self Adhesion Base Coat which grips the polish once its applied and last but not least my Seche Vite top coat. Most nail salons use Seche Vite or OPI’s top coat. I prefer Seche Vite though. My favorite polish brands are Essie, OPI, and Zoya. Using these products can make my pedicures last two weeks and a few days and my manis last up to ten days, which comes in handy when funds are low.

In between manis and pedis I apply Nailtiques Protein Formula 2 and a coat of Sally Hansen Natural Tint clear polish. To keep my cuticles moisturized I use Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream or Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle & Nail Pen, but Viamin E oil works just as well too.

So there you have it, my natural nail tips. If you use any of the products mentioned let me know. How do you care for & wear your nails?

Haute Bag Lady Bag of the Week


How adorable is Banana Republic's Cork Roll Clutch? This darling little bag also comes in Bronze but the silver appeals to me more. The bag is $60 but I plan to stalk it until I catch it marked down. Ya'll know I style stalk in my spare time.

Until next time! The Haute Bag Lady has left the handbag department...

Trend: Short Shorts


Short shorts are so on trend this season and if you dare to go so short here are a few options:
ae favorite shorts ae frayed shorties
emily sateen short delias mossimo sateen pleated short
Top row: American Eagle Favorite shorts & American Eagle Frayed shorts
Bottom row: Delia’s Emily Sateen shorts & Target Mossimo Sateen Pleated shorts

Rocking short shorts takes confidence and the right top and shoe combo to balance it all out. A skimpy tank top and stilettos paired with short shorts says “Hello Hoochie Mama.”

Try options like these instead:
gap top aldo cavazos wedge
If you opt to wear shorts for a night out then a sexy cami worn under a lightweight fitted blazer would work well with the stilettos but make sure the shorts are satin or a less expensive sateen. Think glam and dressy not hoochie hot mama on the stroll, lol!

Summertime Smooth


sally hansen
Hot sunshine and summer like temps have arrived in Chicago and the time has come to get our skin nice and smooth to the touch. Sally Hansen’s Spray-On Shower-Off foam is my new favorite hair removal product. I use it on my arms. Yes, I have hairy arms and I’m sure I’m not the only woman in the world with this problem. Am I???? C'mon! Where my she-wolves at?

Just spray the foam onto your arms or gams, let it sit for a few minutes and spray off. Ta-da! Smooth and totally hair free arms and legs. Score!!

I follow up with Aveeno Positively Smooth Moisturizing Lotion. This lotion claims to help you shave less often. Stay tuned. A full review is coming soon.

Keep it smooth (and hair free) this summer ladies!

For more information:

Sally Hansen Spray On Shower Off

Aveeno Positively Smooth Lotion

Disclaimer: This review contains a product that was purchased with my own money.

Obsessed with Sex And The City 2


This week I am ALL about my girls, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. How obsessed am I? let's see, I have two no make that three outfits planned. Yes I know I won't be walking the red carpet but one can't go see SATC and not represent in all her fashionista glory.

I have managed to remain blissfully ignorant of any spoilers and extended sneak previews. I know the girls will have an adventure in Dubai, Aidan returns, and I'm okay with suffering through Liza Minelli's rendition of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" (Ugh! I hate that song so much). The things we do for love, lol!

Wednesday night I will enjoy an advanced screening of SATC2 and I'll return with my review.

Until then!

Janet Jackson Rockin' a Short 'Do


Leave it to Janet to switch it up style wise and walk the streets like "Yeah. So?" I think she looks amazing with her natural hair in an uber short cut. Her swag is so serious in these pics.

Janet & her rumored new beau, Wissam Al Mana

I'm going to need those boots, her bag, and I'll take that jacket too. Miss Janet you are fierce!!! Work that short hair, diva.

Haute Bag Lady Bag of The Week


Welles large hobotote  - poppy
My handbag collection so desperately needs the Hayden-Harnett Welles Large Hobotote. Look at that vibrant Poppy color. Can’t you just tell from the picture how supple the leather is? I die!!!!

What I love most besides the gorgeous color and size is…
Welles large hobotote folded over
The bag folds over and can be worn across the body. A bag with multiple functions is always a winner to this Haute Bag Lady. I’m keeping this one on my radar for awhile to see if I can catch it on sale.

For more information:


Budget Haute: Strapless Ruffles Jumpsuit

Strapless Ruffles Jumpsuit_collage2

Oh Forever 21 you rarely disappoint me and this strapless ruffles jumpsuit is no exception. It’s haute, haute, haute! Pair this jumpsuit with a pair of sexy heels, add some thin hold bangles or a cuff, large thin hoop earrings, a clutch, and you are ready for a date or a night out with the girls.

This sexy little number is $30!!!! I know, right?!?! Order yours now.

Oh and just for kicks and giggles here’s an Alice + Olivia jumpsuit. It’s $396. I’ll leave you with that.

Alice and Olivia cargo jumpsuit 396.00

A Life of Style: Happy Birthday Janet!!!!!


Today is my idol, Janet Jackson's 44th birthday. She's an icon, a trendsetter, and one of the greatest female entertainers, with an impressive 25 year career.

Happy Birthday Diva! You're 44 and always fabulous!!!!

Hump Day Mani: China Glaze For Audrey


I found China Glaze For Audrey by accident earlier this year at Sally's Beauty Supply.

It's the perfect shade of Tiffany Blue and I love it.

It looks great against brown skin too ;)

For Audrey...Breakfast  At Tiffany's...Audrey Hepburn.

If you can find For Audrey, I suggest you get a couple of bottles; this was a limited edition and it's very hard to find now.

Hump Day Haul

Happy Hump Day Guys!!!! My day has been pretty fabulous and I hope yours was too. I engaged in a little retail therapy today. Surprisingly I didn't buy any clothes (shocking), just accessories and some other cute stuff. Sometimes all you need are new accessories to enhance what you already have in your closet.

Without further hesitation... I present, my HUMP DAY HAUL. Enjoy and let me know what you think =)
Various rings from Forever 21 - sorry about the pic quality. I used my BlackBerry camera.

Another ring from F21, some notecards from Marshalls that were marked down to $1.50
(I REALLY need to write people, lol), Essie nail polish in Shorty Pants, the necklaces I got from F21.

Lena Horne 1917 - 2010


My first memory of Lena Horne was seeing her in The Wiz as Glinda the Good Witch.  A few years later, I saw Stormy Weather with my great-aunt and uncle and I was mesmerized. As soon as I saw her I told my great-aunt, "She's pretty." and my aunt told me "That's Lena Horne." I must have hummed Stormy Weather for weeks after that. To this day, Stormy Weather remains one of my favorite movies.

Ms. Horne was so much more than a pretty face. Her legacy is amazing and should never be forgotten.

Rest in peace Lena Horne and thank you for all the doors you opened.

Lena Horne on A Different World: A Rock, a River, a Lena


Hello World! I'm quite sad about the passing of entertainment icon and activist, Lena Horne. I'm working on an official post but I came across this video on You Tube from Ms. Horne's appearance on A Different World. Typical Whitley zoomed in on everything she thought Ms. Horne was about: the black bourgeoisie and tiny watercress sandwiches. The first time I saw this episode I laughed and thought many people probably reacted to Ms. Horne in that manner.

There was a realness about Lena Horne, she always struck me as the type of classy woman with a lot of grace who would let you know without raising her voice or uttering one curse word that she was not for any games.

I loved when Cree Summer's character, Fredi Brooks greeted Ms. Horne with the black power fist and a heartfelt "Right on, soul mama!"

Haute Bag Lady Bag of The Week

This week's Haute Bag Lady Bag is from French fashion house, Lanvin. The Happy Snakesin Shoulder Bag on the left is BEYOND gorgeous. I love shoulder bags. When I was little, I used to carry one of my mom's around and pretend I was going to run errands and pick up the kids. I would also wear her high heels too. I was destined to be a diva, lol!

The Lanvin bag just says classy lady to me and with a price tag of $2230, it really says classy, rich lady. Aldo's Dotts is a cute (much less pricey) alternative. There's no lush snakeskin, tonal stitching, brass hardware, or gorgeous satin bow, but for $38 I can get past all that. Maybe...

Loving that Lanvin!

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