Tea & Cupcakes with Rae & Sophie


This afternoon I hung out with my good friend Rae Lewis-Thornton and her adorable dog Sophie. Rae is a MAJOR tea lover. She's very passionate about her tea and has launched a new addition to her booming bracelet business, tea bracelets.

Here's the tea bracelet, Rae made for yours truly:

The silver ball holds loose tea. Those are rose quartz beads. I'll
update you on the charm on the end.

I'm a coffee drinker and a tea novice. When I drink tea, it comes in bag form. Loose tea is where it's at and that's how real tea drinkers like it. Tea is big business and drinking it is quite an experience. The tea bracelets look lovely dangling on the side of a mug.

Whenever I visit Rae, cupcakes are a requirement. I stopped by Sprinkles (YUM!!!) and picked up some treats. Even Sophie got in on the cupcake fun!

Top: Vanilla, Milk Chocolate Vanilla
Bottom: Lemon Coconut, Red Velvet

Doggy cupcake for Sophie - I should have bought 2!

Sophie REALLY enjoyed her cupcake, lol! She's cupcake wasted!!!!!
Rae is going to give me a full Tea 101 lesson and I will share what I learn here with you guys. In the meantime, please check out her fabulous RLT Collection.

For more information:
Rae's blog

Keep up with Sophie on Twitter (Yep, Sophie the dog tweets. Follow her adventures!!)

It's Neko!!!!

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year's Eve!! Hope you all have a wonderful and safe night of celebrations.

I want to introduce you all to Neko, my Nookcolor. Neko this is everyone. 

I'm very happy with Neko. I love his vibrant color display and compact size. Earlier today I downloaded the January issue of Harper's Bazaar. Ya'll know how much I love my magazines and I can admit that I was not completely sold on reading a magazine on an e-reader but Neko has changed me. I didn't miss the feel of the glossy pages (okay maybe a little...) but overall, I really enjoyed reading a magazine in the digital format.

So in 2010 I am leaving behind my leaning tower of magazines and overcrowded bookcase shelves. 2011
is all about Neko =)

Sparkly New Year's Eve Nails!

Try this sparkly trend for the new year. I'm here to share the lacquers I love now.
4 Perfect-for-New-Year's-Eve Glittery Nail Polishes
This is a TotalBeauty.com nails article

I recently waxed poetic about the possibility of wearing glittery eyeliner or eyeshadow for the holidays, which I totally did, BTW.

And, I'll admit, it looked quite smashing, not nearly as tween-y as expected. But now it's time for glittery nails, here's how I'm getting them …

Teena Marie


I had to peek in from my little holiday vacay to acknowledge the passing of soul legend, Teena Marie. May Lady Tee rest in peace. Thank you for the wonderful music!

Square Biz was the first Teena Marie song I ever heard. I was seven years old and Square Biz was on the radio every morning and it quickly became my favorite song. I sang it all the time and danced whenever I heard it. At seven I had no idea what she was singing about but I sang right along like I did, lol! I was a hip little second grader, rocking to the beat at the breakfast table.

Good soul music is timeless and brings back so many memories. Everybody get up and dance with me to one of my favorite Teena Marie songs! Celebrate her life and the legacy she leaves behind!!

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