It's Neko!!!!


Hello Everyone! Happy New Year's Eve!! Hope you all have a wonderful and safe night of celebrations.

I want to introduce you all to Neko, my Nookcolor. Neko this is everyone. 

I'm very happy with Neko. I love his vibrant color display and compact size. Earlier today I downloaded the January issue of Harper's Bazaar. Ya'll know how much I love my magazines and I can admit that I was not completely sold on reading a magazine on an e-reader but Neko has changed me. I didn't miss the feel of the glossy pages (okay maybe a little...) but overall, I really enjoyed reading a magazine in the digital format.

So in 2010 I am leaving behind my leaning tower of magazines and overcrowded bookcase shelves. 2011
is all about Neko =)


gigi123 said...

Hmmm I never heard of this item...definitely something to look into as I am now trying to figure out what to do with all my magazines I've collected!
Hey at least you're doing your part with the environment and saving trees :)

Happy New Year!

Literary Marie said...

So cute that you named your NOOKcolor. Don't you just love it? We'll have to keep in touch with it so we can share/lend/borrow books from each other. I also love that you get a free 14-day trial with mags. It is definitely more eco-friendly than a leaning tower of paper mags lying around.

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