A Life of Style: Target & Macy's Retail Therapy


Hello Stylish Ones! How was your weekend? I hope it was time well spent. My weekend was a pretty low key affair with a bit of retail therapy to lift my spirits.

<--- (The boots that forced themselves into my life. left: Bandolino Burke & right: Merona Zandra Flannel Rain Boots)

As some of you know, I am addicted to Target. Everytime I go to Target, I walk out with way more than I intended to buy. This Saturday was no exception. I told myself I was only going in to pick up my prescription and leaving. Yeah right! As soon as I walked inside Target, I was assaulted by a sign "Mossimo Long Sleeve Crewneck Tees $7" Before I knew it I grabbed a cart and tossed in three of the tee shirts. So the Target magnetic pull began and I was leisurely strolling down aisle after aisle. I'm convinced that once I enter any Target store, an invisible magnetic force locks in on me and refuses to let go until I have walked every square inch of the store.

"My name is Kim and I'm a Target addict."

In addition to the tee shirts, I got new rainboots, tights, and some funky argyle socks. Totally forgot about picking up my prescription so I had to go back. Hilarious.

Now on to Macy's. I avoid Macy's at all costs. Marshall Fields was my store and I was heartbroken when Macy's took over the historic State Street Marshall Fields location. Yeah I should probably get over it but I won't and no one can make me. I was on my way home when I got a text from a friend informing me of a great sale on boots and shoes at Macy's. Shopaholic that I am, I met her there. A pair of Bandolino boots twice marked down caught my eye. How could I resist? In addition to the boots being marked down, the sales associate informed me of a 25% off coupon that I could purchase for $5 (the five bucks was going towards a charity to feed the hungry). How could I deny the hungry a meal? I took the bait and the boots.
Now back to job hunting... Toodles!
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