GIVEAWAY TIME: Wanna Go to The Makeup Show?


What better way to start the four day work week than a giveaway? I have a ticket to the first day of The Makeup Show taking place Sunday, June 12, 2011 right here in Chicago.

Here's how to enter: Like The Stylish Life on Facebook and tell me in the comments below what are you most interested in seeing at The Makeup Show?

A winner will be picked on Wednesday, June 8th!!!
Good Luck =)

Last Night in London...


Breathtaking! Stunning! Classic and elegant...
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a dinner for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at the Winfield House. Let's take a moment and focus on Mrs. Obama's black Ralph Lauren gown, her bold accessories, and sleek hair style. I love it! She looks amazing!

I love how President Obama is looking at her ;-)

images courtesy of Getty Images Editorial

Jilly from Philly


I am loving the cover art for Jill Scott's upcoming CD, The Light of the Sun. Hot picture! I can't wait for June 28th, we are long overdue for some new music from Miss Jill.

image courtesy of

Lyrical Foolishness: Run The World (Girls)


I have a like/dislike thing for Beyonce. Rarely do I like her hit singles which are typically the songs written solely by her. Single Ladies grated on my last nerve but I really liked If I Were A Boy and a few of the unreleased songs from her last CD. 

Her latest offering Run The World (Girls), is another one that caused me to scratch my head when it debuted. I have only heard the song once and that was one time too many. The epic (according to the masses) video will remain a mystery because I cannot bear to hear the song ever again. The lyrics are just awful. Banal and nonsensical rush to my mind as perfect adjectives for the lyrics of Run The World.

Mrs. Carter's self appointed patron saint of female empowerment schtick is getting old and repetitive. Take a gander at the stellar lyrics below and if you will excuse me, I'm going to go read a really thick book or maybe I'll get all up in some dude's grill and tell him he might think he freak this like I do...but he don't. Yeah. That does seem like the thing to do. And for the bitches who can't fade her, do they not run the world??? How can we girls determine if we are in fact a girl who runs the world or not??? Exactly who is included in this world of girl domination??? So many questions... :/
Girls, we run this mutha (yeah) - repeat 3 times
Girls, we run this mutha

Who run the world? Girls

Some of them men think they freak this like we do
But no they don’t
Make your check come at they neck
Disrespect us no they won’t
This goes out to all my girls that’s in the club rocking the latest
Who could buy it for themselves and get more money later
I think I need a barber
None of these bitches can fade me
I’m so good with this
I remind you I’m so hood with this
Boy I’m just playing
Come here baby
Hope you still like me
If you hate me
My persuasion can build a nation
Endless power our love we can devour
You’ll do anything for me

Who run the world? Girls

It’s hot up in here DJ don’t be scared to run this run this back
I’m repping for the girls who’re taking over the world have me raise a glass for the college grads
This goes out to all the women getting it in get on your grind
To other men that respect what I do please accept my shine
Boy you know you love it how we’re smart enough to make these millions
Strong enough to bear the children then get back to bidness
You better not play me oh come here baby
Hope you still like me if you hate me
My persuasion can build a nation
Endless power our love we can devour
You’ll do anything for me

Who run the world? Girls
Who are we
What we brought
The world
Who are we
What we brought
The world
Who are we
What do we brought
We brung the world
Who are we
What we brought
We brought the world
Who run the world? Girls

Yay. Girl Power.

Style 101: Khloe Kardsahian-Odom {Proper Fit Matters}

Proper fit is very important...

Last week, Khloe Kardashian-Odom was spotted going into DASH in Calabasas in a very unflattering ensemble.

The outfit is actually cute but Khloe did not use her garments in the best way to flatter her shape. For starters the pants are entirely too tight. Camel toe is never the goal...

Khloe is a tall, very curvy girl with a short torso. The tucked in denim shirt just over emphasizes her short waist, wide hips, and large bum. When you have a short torso, wear longer tops to give the illusion of a slightly lower waist line. Sidebar: why is her bra showing?

If only she had worn the denim shirt untucked and found some red skinny jeans a size and a half larger... Her outfit would look great. The shoes and the belt are the only things she got right. Paparazzi was on hand to catch Khloe's fashion crime and the gossip blogs ripped her to shreds. Let this be a lesson kids, always do a full length mirror check before you leave home and buy clothes to fit the body you have not the one you think you have.

TGIF {A Stress Free Weekend}


I am so happy today is Friday. This work week has depleted ALL my energy and tested my already short patience. Each day I leave work feeling as if I have been in a street fight and lost. My job is not physical at all but the mental stress is just that bad. I can say without any hesitation that I have never worked in such a weird environment. The office is devoid of energy and personality, add to that the unneccessary foolishness that takes place and you have five days of complete madness that take quite a toll on yours truly.

I have been in a work related funk all week and I need some peace and quiet. I need a new job but that goes without saying... Today after work, I cannot get home quick enough. I'm turning my cell phone OFF. The home phone ringer will be turned OFF. I'm not going anywhere. I don't want to see or talk to anyone. My weekend is all about de-stressing and getting some much needed rest.

Hopefully when I return to the world on Monday, I will be relaxed and ready to handle what comes my way.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!

Prabal Gurung for J. Crew


Prabal Gurung is one of the 2010 runner ups of the J. Crew and Council of Fashion Designers of America/Vogue Fashion Fund. His capsule collection debuts at select J. Crew stores and online next month.

I knew his collection would be interesting and out of my budget but I can still dream...

Exploding Bow Blouse - $225 {I love anything with bows!!!!}
Denim Pant - $295 and Bow-Dacious Denim Jacket - $400

Exploding Bow Dress - $395 {This kind of reminds me of the Patricia Field dress Carrie wore in the opening scene of SATC the movie.}

Fit To Be Tied Pant - $198 {A very easy look to recreate if you have the time and skill.}

Rampant Rose Top - $450

Images courtesy of J. Crew

Sex and the City: Complete Collection DVD (Deluxe Edition)

I need to own the complete collection of Sex and the City or the void in my life will remain empty.
Sex and the City is my absolute favorite series. I have seen every episode and I watch the reruns. If I'm channel surfing and find a marathon, all is right in my world.

When I got the DVD of the first movie, I watched it the entire weekend and I am not ashamed to admit that I watch the movie at last twice a month.

I am still completely obsessed with Sex and the City series, movies, and books. This collection is at the top of my Christmas 2011 list. Family and friends that may read this, you do not have to wait until Christmas to get this for me ;-)

Image courtesy of HBO Store

Drugstore Gem: Lumene Time Freeze Eye Perfecting Treatment


Lately I have noticed puffiness underneath my eyes which means I am not getting enough rest or old age *gasp* is sneaking up on me. I believe in fighting the signs of aging. My current under eye puffiness will be a temporary problem. I'm okay with getting older but I'll be darned if I start to look older.

Enter Lumene Time Freeze Eye Perfecting Treatment. I picked this up last week during one of my CVS trips. Lumene products are affordable, gentle and effective. I am very impressed with this eye treatment.

The treatment promises to diminish puffiness and firm the skin all around the eyes. You apply it beneath your eyes and to the lids. The ingredients include Lumene's ever present Arctic Heather, plant proteins, and Metabiotics Resveratrol. Like all Lumene products this product contains over 95% natural ingredients.

Doe foot applicator
After my first use, I noticed immediately how the skin beneath my eyes became firmer and the normal puffiness disappeared. I use it twice a day and I have seen a real difference around my eyes. The treatment costs $19.99 and I had a $6 in Extra Care bucks that I used towards my purchase. Gotta love CVS Extra Care Card and their Beauty Club. Time Freeze Eye Perfecting Treatment is definitely one to add to your product arsenal!

Haute Bag Lady Bag of the Week: LeJenne by Aldo


Hello Bag Lovers!! Hope your Monday got off to the right start and if for any reason it did not, well there's always Tuesday.

This week's haute bag of the week is from Aldo. The LeJenne is on trend for this season with the contrasting neutral straw and white faux leather trim. I can see toting this cute little number to an Al fresco lunch date wearing a maxi dress and flat sandals or with a chambray romper. 
LeJenne retails for $45

Sportiqe Boutique: Go Bulls!


Cute tee! I could see myself wearing it if I watched the games...
This is the first time I have ever posted anything sports related on my blog. I am that girl whose eyes glaze over when people talk sports, teams, players, and games. The Chicago Bulls are currently on a winning streak and yes, I just found that out a few days ago. The Bulls won last night too, so show off your team spirit with Sportiqe Apparel as the Bulls try to bring the championship trophy back to Chicago.

Sportiqe Apparel makes sitting courtside the ultimate sports fashion statement with original vintage-inspired graphic tees on the softest fabrics. Sportiqe co-founder, Jason Franklin, is a Chicago native and die-hard Bulls fan—so much so that spent his teen years as a ball boy for the Bulls in the 90’s when Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and of course Michael Jordan led the team to victory. So, get ready to sport some hometown pride with Sportiqe’s comfy, cool styles that even a Hawks fans can appreciate.

Sportiqe Apparel starts at $28 is available at every NBA Stadium, Bloomingdale’s and online at




Fragrance Review: Halle Berry Reveal


Halle Berry's ad for Reveal

The latest addition to Halle Berry's fragrance collection is Reveal. From the name and the ad, I knew this would be a very different scent than Halle and Pure Orchid. Reveal is a glamourous, sexy fragrance that evokes mystery and definitely makes a statement. It starts off light but as it dries it becomes a richer scent.

Reveal is unlike any fragrance I have ever worn. The scent is very unique and I received so many compliments from people wanting to know what I was wearing.

The top notes are red berries, juicy peach, mimosa flowers, and honeydew melon.

The heart notes are plumeria flowers, iris blossoms, neroli petals. The fragrance base notes are vetiver, musk, and cashmere woods.

Reveal is the perfect fragrance for a night out or a night in *wink*

For more information click here

Haute Bag Lady Bag of The Week: Dooney & Bourke Florentine

Dooney & Bourke is trying very hard to woo me back into a bag affair with them and the Florentine satchel may be just the bag to tempt me...
Satchels are my favorite style of bag and this is by far one of the best that I have seen in a while. The vachetta leather and rich natural color look amazing in the pictures. I love that the bag has very few details. There is no logo plastered all over the bag, nothing dangling, no excessive buckles, zippers, and other useless elements that I have seen in bags recently. This is just a fabulous leather bag in a great neutral color that can work with a variety of looks.

The Florentine costs $358 which is a great investment because Dooney & Bourke bags last for many years.

I just may break down and make this my spring/summer bag. What do my bag ladies think of this week's Haute Bag?


pictures courtesy of Nordstrom

Nuance by Salma Hayek


Actress, director, and producer Salma Hayek has a new line of beauty products coming to your local CVS drugstore this August. Nuance is a full collection of makeup, hair, and skin products.

The inspiration behind Nuance is Salma's late grandmother who worked as cosmetologist. Nuance will be a wallet friendly collection. The items will cost between $7.99 and $19.99.

Pictures courtesy of In Style Magazine

I can say with 100% certainty that I do not need another eyeshadow, lipgloss, mascara, skincare product or body lotions but the product junkie in me will not be able to resist testing this collection.

Style 101: Every Trend Is Not Meant For Everyone


Turbans were a pretty hot accessory in 2010 and earlier this year. If celebrity stylist, June Ambrose has her way, the turban reign will continue and become a staple accessory.

I will not be joining the turban revolution. I tried on a turban during one of my shopping trips last fall. Instead of looking chic and fabulous, I looked old. Going to play bingo at church old. Not cute. I couldn't snatch that turban off my head fast enough and I looked around to make sure no one witnessed my style failure.

Every trend is not meant for everyone. The sooner people understand what trends work for them and what trends work against them, a lot more personal style development can begin. Creating your signature style is the best thing you can do for yourself. Your personal style is your brand.  From the pictures we see of June Ambrose we know that her signature style is comprised of turbans, Status Sunglasses by Grey Ant, and her signature red lipstick, MAC Ruby Woo.

It takes a lot of confidence to walk out your door wearing gigantic sunglasses, sporting a bulbous wrap on your head, and bright red lips. You have to own it and be committed to the look. In addition to feeling secure, be prepared for the looks you are sure to get. If you decide to try June's trademark look, you better be able to sell it like Naomi Campbell on the catwalk. Head held high, strut down the street like theme music is playing with each step you take. Nothing less will be accepted. If you cannot picture yourself in the above scenario, please do not rush out and buy a bunch of turbans. They will collect dust and you will have wasted your money.

Miss Ambrose launched her turban line last month and in the May issue of Ebony magazine, she offers her turban styling tips. I think June wears her turbans well most of the time. There have been times where her turbans were so over the top and huge that I thought she took an extra large bath towel and fashioned it into something so odd that it was just the right mix of gaudy and stylish. There is an art to creating that mix and few people have mastered it. Do not try this at home kids...

Do you have the confidence to embrace bold trends like June Ambrose and make them a part of your signature style? What are some of your signature style must haves? Leave your answers in the comments section!

{{SIDE BAR}} Chrisette Michele hired June Ambrose as her stylist for her latest music release. I thought the purpose of hiring a stylist was to help develop your style not to look like the stylist's clone. Have the celebrity styling jobs stalled for Miss Ambrose and that's what prompted her turban store?

If you want your very own June Ambrose turban, click here

Almost Threw In The Towel...


Several times last week and at least three times this week, I came very close to deleting my blog. There are so many demands on my time that I can't give this blog the time and attention it needs. I'm under a LOT of stress and pressure at work which leaves me in the worst mood Monday through Friday. Oh and did I mention, I'm COMPLETELY drained at the end of each day? I wish working in an office was as hilarious as the TV shows make it seem.

I decided to yet again try and make a go of this blog. I cannot allow my job to take over my entire life. There is so much I want to do and so many areas that I want to branch out into that I feel as if I'm sabotaging myself if I don't at least try harder to do my own thing.

So don't give up on me. I'm here trying to find balance and keep from losing my cool on the job (i.e. go postal).

All new posts starting Monday... Stay tuned ;-)

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