Arriving Tomorrow: My July Vogue Italia


I am so beyond excited and cannot wait until I have those glossy pages in my hands. Let me tell you how I have searched all over Chicago for the infamous all black Vogue Italia. I called EVERY Borders and B&N near my job and home. My need to have this magazine drove me to calling the stores everyday and no I didn't give a damn about the tinge of annoyance I heard in several sales associates voices because I know I wasn't the only one calling for the magazine. A couple of weeks ago I called a certain B&N and was told that they had three issues left and "no, we don't and can't hold magazines". Muttering a cuss word or two under my breath, I got up from my desk, shut my computer down, and left work pronto. I trekked all the way over there only to find out the last issue had been sold. Damn me for not wearing shoes that were a little easier to walk in. I'm convinced I would have made it if I were not wearing these. So after being told I had just missed the last issue, I said some more cuss words under my breath and left the store before my anger got the better of me or them.
I even enlisted the help of my lovely mother. She called the bookstores in her neck of the woods. Moms are great =) Thanks again, Ma!!!!!
Well this is where it comes in handy to have internet friends. A web buddy found several copies of Vogue Italia in her city and she's sending one to me. As soon as I got her text letting me know the good news, I was off to the bank to get her funds. My beloved magazine should arrive tomorrow and I already know I'm going to love it.
Check out the guided tour of the magazine over at Jezebel

Kohl’s 2008 Back-to-School Campaign Contest!!!!!!


Want to win a $50 Kohl's Gift Card?

Answer the following question:
**What was the name of Lenny Kravtiz's debut album?**
Please email your answer to:
****Contest ends July 31, 2008

A Life of Style Product Review: L'Oreal HIP Jelly Balm


Walgreens and CVS have had BOGO sales for the past couple of weeks on L'Oreal HIP products and I have made out like a BANDIT!!!
My new favorite item is L'Oreal Hip Jelly Balm in Plush. Normally I steer clear of potted glosses and balms because I detest having to use my finger to apply. However that issue was solved when I unearthed a VS retractable lip brush during a recent makeup brush count.
I love the consistency of this product. It's not sticky and it doesn't make your lips dry. Plush is a pretty in pink shade with the right amount of pigment and shine. You know how some glosses are just too sheer and you end up with yet another clear lip product? Well Jelly Balm is not like that at all. You can definitely see the color. Don't be freaked out by the brightness in the pot it's not neon bright, lol.
Just apply it with a lip brush and you're all set. This is my favorite lip product right now and I plan to test the other shades out during the next BOGO. I haven't tried the MAC Tendertones because my wallet and MAC are on the outs. I'd like to see how similar Jelly Balm is to the Tendertones but for now L'Oreal HIP is where its at.

Been Gone So Long

I'm back at work after eight weeks of medical leave and of course I came back to changes on top of changes, plus a whole slew of new projects. *sigh* I'm going to try and have some new posts up soon.

Skin Misbehavin'


My life as a product junkie is getting the best of me and my skin is paying the price. I have so many products in my bathroom that my once carefully planned out skincare routine has all but disappeared. Lately, I've been using so many different cleansers, toners, and treatments that my face is acting up. Not good. So I'm streamlining my skincare regime by tossing out some cleansers that were not doing anything for my face. I went to the health food store in my neighborhood and picked up an oatmeal soap. Reviva Oatmeal Soap came highly recommended and I tend to trust the sales associate who helped me. She turned me on to Rachel Perry a few years ago.

I'm starting to see results already. My skin has calmed down a lot. The pills in the Nature's Cure kit seem to be doing the trick. I was very apprehensive about taking them but I scoured the web for reviews and most of what I read was positive. I'll try and keep this regimen going for a while and eventually reincorporate my Olay Regenerist cleanser and serum back into the mix.

What's your skincare regimen? When you switch products, how does your skin react? Leave your answers in the comments section

July 9th RueLaLa Theory Boutique


Starting tomorrow RueLaLa's Theory Boutique will open.

The sale is by invite only. Please go to and click invited by member, enter in order to gain membership access to the site.

Happy Shopping!!!!

This Weekend in Chicago: Bank of America Museums on Us™




EVENT: Bank of America Museums on Us™ offers free access to Chicago customers

DATES: Saturday, July 5, 2008 and Sunday, July 6, 2008

LOCATIONS: The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago History Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
**For more information on Museums On Us™, visit**
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