Skin Misbehavin'


My life as a product junkie is getting the best of me and my skin is paying the price. I have so many products in my bathroom that my once carefully planned out skincare routine has all but disappeared. Lately, I've been using so many different cleansers, toners, and treatments that my face is acting up. Not good. So I'm streamlining my skincare regime by tossing out some cleansers that were not doing anything for my face. I went to the health food store in my neighborhood and picked up an oatmeal soap. Reviva Oatmeal Soap came highly recommended and I tend to trust the sales associate who helped me. She turned me on to Rachel Perry a few years ago.

I'm starting to see results already. My skin has calmed down a lot. The pills in the Nature's Cure kit seem to be doing the trick. I was very apprehensive about taking them but I scoured the web for reviews and most of what I read was positive. I'll try and keep this regimen going for a while and eventually reincorporate my Olay Regenerist cleanser and serum back into the mix.

What's your skincare regimen? When you switch products, how does your skin react? Leave your answers in the comments section


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