Arriving Tomorrow: My July Vogue Italia


I am so beyond excited and cannot wait until I have those glossy pages in my hands. Let me tell you how I have searched all over Chicago for the infamous all black Vogue Italia. I called EVERY Borders and B&N near my job and home. My need to have this magazine drove me to calling the stores everyday and no I didn't give a damn about the tinge of annoyance I heard in several sales associates voices because I know I wasn't the only one calling for the magazine. A couple of weeks ago I called a certain B&N and was told that they had three issues left and "no, we don't and can't hold magazines". Muttering a cuss word or two under my breath, I got up from my desk, shut my computer down, and left work pronto. I trekked all the way over there only to find out the last issue had been sold. Damn me for not wearing shoes that were a little easier to walk in. I'm convinced I would have made it if I were not wearing these. So after being told I had just missed the last issue, I said some more cuss words under my breath and left the store before my anger got the better of me or them.
I even enlisted the help of my lovely mother. She called the bookstores in her neck of the woods. Moms are great =) Thanks again, Ma!!!!!
Well this is where it comes in handy to have internet friends. A web buddy found several copies of Vogue Italia in her city and she's sending one to me. As soon as I got her text letting me know the good news, I was off to the bank to get her funds. My beloved magazine should arrive tomorrow and I already know I'm going to love it.
Check out the guided tour of the magazine over at Jezebel


Anonymous said...

Which B&N location told you they had 3 left? please let me know because I have been looking allover Chicago. Thanks!

Kim (Blog Writer, A Life of Style) said...

It was the B&N on State St. near Rush St. This was two weeks ago. Those 3 issues are long gone :(

The Home Spa Goddess said...

I heard this was a HUGE disappointment. I hope you enjoy your copy but 3 other black beauty blogs I read hated it. Please tell us what you think.

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