Sex and the City The Movie - Auld Lang Syne


My summer 2008 was ALL about Sex and The City The Movie. Love this version of Auld Lang Syne. Happy New Year!!!

A Life of Style: Happy New Year!!!!

How to Rock Your New Makeup

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A Life of Style: Revlon Touch of Mauve Mani


Today's n.o.t.d. is brought to you by Revlon Touch of Mauve, lol.
I decided on a lighter polish for this week's manicure because the weather in Chicago today was a sunny, 46 degrees. Besides the weather, I've been wearing dark polishes for over a month and wanted to switch it up a little. Before my manicure, I had to soak my nails at home for thirty minutes in a mixture of non-acetone remover and peroxide to get rid of all traces of the Jumpin' Jade.
This color looks more dusty pink and from what I know of mauve this isn't anywhere near it. Oh well, maybe Revlon got a little confused, lol.
Next week's mani: OPI You Don't Know Jacques

A Life of Style: Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

Mascara is my drug and I swear I try nearly everyone that comes out. Currently, there are three mascara tubes taking up residence inside my makeup bag. Next to lip gloss, mascara is my favorite beauty product. My lashes are okay in the length department although I wouldn't be upset if they grew longer. My main issue is the volume my lashes lack. If a mascara promises volume I'm all over it.

Rimmel Sexy Curves boasts up to 70% curlier lashes with voluptuous volume, 16 hour curl hold, and a triple plump brush. Now, the 70% is a bit of a stretch, in my case I noticed significant curl and increased volume which I was very pleased with. I've only worn the mascara for about 7 to 8 hours at a time so I can't comment on the 16 hour claim.

When I pulled the brush out I was a little unsure about the triple plump brush and made a mess of my lashes because I was applying it too fast. I removed my first botched attempt, recurled my lashes and reapplied. My second attempt came out so much better. I was able to navigate the brush between my lashes and those three plumps help boost lashes to a fuller potential.

After a week of wearing Rimmel Sexy Curves and loving the results, I had to add it to my makeup bag and retire one of my other mascara MVPs, lol. This is a great drugstore mascara that retails for under $8. Let me know if you try it. I'd love to know what you think.

P.S. No clumps and no flakes...SCORE!!!!

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
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A Life of Style: Christmas Gift Haul


Hey Beautiful People!!!! How was your holiday? I hope you all had a great time time celebrating with family and friends.

Did you get everything you wanted? Any gifts leave you scratching your head in confusion? LOL!

My Christmas joy was cut short because of an evil headache that took hold of me. As the day wore on, the headache became worse. I was at my mom's house and not in the best of moods. I suffer from headaches quite a bit and the last thing anyone wants on a holiday is a freaking headache from hell. But, I digress. My gifts were greatly appreciated and that's what I enjoy most. I love giving gifts. I was very pleased by what I received, there were some surprises and I do enjoy a good surprise.

So here's my 2008 Christmas Gift Haul:

* Victoria's Secret gift card
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A Life of Style: A Fabulous & Affordable Skinny Jean


I've been boycotting the skinny jean trend from day one but when I happened upon the Lindsey Skinny Jean on, I decided to throw caution to the wind and order a pair. Priced at a very low $12.50, my wallet won't take a hard hit if the jeans look horrible on me (please fashion Goddess make me look fabulous in them ;~)

Hopefully in a few days I can share with you guys that the jeans fit and look as good as they do in the picture. Stay tuned...
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A Life of Style: Kiss My Face SOS


For years eco-friendly glamour girls have been sending an SOS for beautiful yet natural lip products that offer sparkle and shine. Finally, a lip product that comes to the rescue! Introducing Kiss My Face’s SOS Sheer Organic Shimmers and Sheer Organic Shines – mineral based, 91% organic and 100% natural, these lip treats are sure to please every green goddess.

Sheer Organic Shines (top pic) ($6.95) deliver high wattage shine and fresh flavor with Beeswax, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter, while Stevia makes these glosses naturally sweet.

Sheer Organic Shimmers (bottom pic) ($4.95) offer sheer tint, silky shine and luscious Vanilla Mint flavor while conditioning and moisturizing lips with Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E.

Available in six beautiful gem tones:

*Garnet: warm berry shade perfect for adding a touch of drama to a natural look

*Amethyst: edgy blend of mauve and lilac for rock star shine

*Topaz: gorgeous bronze with a hint of pink

*Ruby: sweet and subtle medium pink to brighten any skin tone

*Opal: soft lilac ideal for a natural look

*Pearl: ethereal pale pink that can be worn alone or layered for an icy sheen

For more information:

A Life of Style: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Jumpin' Jade Christmas Eve Mani


It's Christmas Eve ya'll!!!! Are you guys excited? Baking cookies? Doing anything festive tonight??? Let's talk manicures.

I was uber excited when I happened upon the latest collection of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes at Walgreens last week. I grabbed two bottles of Jumpin' Jade (one for me and one for my blogging buddy, Jamie)

The color is GORGEOUS!!!! The polish dried in an instant which was a plus because the nail salon was crowded and sometimes I have no patience to wait for my nails to dry. My nails are going to be a hit at tomorrow's Christmas gathering. I have a really cute cocktail ring to rock too ;)

These polishes aren't on Sally Hansen's website yet. I should've taken a picture while I was at the store :(

It annoys me to no end when products are in the stores but not on their company's website. What's that all about???

Merry Christmas!!!!!

A Life of Style: Sally Hansen, I have a question for you...

Am I supposed to polish my nails with this brush or paint a wall??? This brush is way too big and awkward. The manicurist had the darndest time polishing my nails today. I love the polish but the brush? Not so much. Here's hoping the insta-dri brushes will be replaced.

A Life of Style: Hair Care Boot Camp - My Hair Story Pt. 1


In this segment of Hair Care Boot Camp, I'm going to discuss my hair again. I'm the first to admit that I'm very lazy with my hair and that's why the majority of my hair care takes place within the salon.

My hair is thick and relaxed so I really have to nurture it. Earlier this year I decided to grow my hair long. I was tired of my bob, and didn't want to go back to the short tapered cuts that I wore a few years ago. Starting a growth plan is essential to achieving the desired length. I took three months to really get to know my hair. During the get to know my hair phase, I discovered what products worked best in my hair, invested in more natural oils, and paid close attention to my shedding problem.

My hair was growing quite nicely until I hit a bump in the road in May. I had surgery and was hospitalized for three days. A week before going into the hospital, I got a touch up and a deep conditioning steam treatment. Thanks to my overprotective mother, I wasn't able to get my hair done again until the third week in June. The anesthesia dried my hair out and caused some breakage. My stylist cut the damaged ends and I started taking two 500mg biotin tablets along with my daily multivitamin. I began researching vitamins more extensively in August and seeking advice from friends who were also growing their hair long. I'm telling you guys vitamins are the key. I noticed a change in my hair within a couple of months. Some days I do slack and forget to take my vits and on those days I try to at least take my GNC program. I really need to come up with a better way to take all those pills in one day. Any suggestions????

The latest hair challenge I'm facing is Chicago winter. The ridiculously cold and below freezing tempertaures cause major hair trauma so I use two Carol's Daughter products religiously, Hair Balm and Khoret Amen Hair Oil. I take both products to the salon so my stylist can use them before he curls or flat irons my hair. If I opt for a roller set, he applies the hair balm and a tiny drop of the oil after he removes the rollers. Protecting my hair during the winter is my main concern so I wrap my hair in a silk scarf before wearing any kind of winter hat.

My hair loves avocado oil, pure silk amino acids, Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner, and organic coconut oil. I apply a pea sized amount of avocado oil to my hair when it feels dry. The silk amino acids are added to my moisture spray, thermal protectant, and leave in conditioner. I apply organic coconut oil directly to my scalp twice a week and my hair has been shiny, full of body, and, dare I say growing a little faster? I'll keep you guys posted, I've been using coconut oil for two months and the results have been pretty amazing.

My next Hair Care Boot Camp will focus on finding a salon and stylist. Stay tuned!

Oh, before I forget! My blogger bff wrote a great article entitled "Make the Most of Your Salon Time". Check it out!!!!

Best and Worst Neutrogena Products

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The Four Worst: No. 4: Neutrogena MicroMist Tanning Sunless Spray, $10.99 average member rating: 5.2*

What they said: "I was so streaky and a mess that it was embarrassing ..."

No. 3: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers, $11.59 average member rating: 5.2*

What they said: "It covered absolutely nothing and it ended up making my skin look greasy ..." -- Chipie, member

The 16 Best: No. 16: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Age Shield Sunblock, $9.99 average member rating: 9*

What they said: "It sinks in to your skin within minutes of putting it on and has a silky feel, so it's easy to put makeup on over it ..." -- LK8888, member

Want to see the rest of the best and the worst? Click here!

A Life of Style: My Christmas Wish List

Christmas is next week and I'm just now putting my wish list for Santa together. I'm so behind schedule this year, usually my letter is in the mail by now ;)

Here's my wish list:

*Sex and The City - The Movie (Extended Cut)

*Sex and The City, Vol. 2 Soundtrack

*Mariah Carey Luscious Pink Gift Set

*Gift Cards to Victoria's Secret, Coach, Sephora, and Nordstrom

A Life of Style: Tory Totes

So everyone who knows me, knows that Tory Burch is my favorite designer. I've been obsessing over her designs for well over two years. Imagine how excited I was while strolling through Nordstrom a few weeks ago and stumbling upon a clearance table in the handbags department - the table was filled with Tory Burch bags and they were marked way down.

I took it as a sign and treated myself to two Tory totes, aren't they cute????

A Life of Style: Revlon Steel Her Heart Mani

This is my first foray into the N.O.T.D. I got a manicure today and I brought along my newest polish, Revlon's Steel Her Heart, a pretty metallic gunmetal gray. I really like this color. It's a great neutral and it matched the shirt I had on earlier. My nails are getting long again so I need to have them trimmed a little next week.
Please excuse the second picture, my hand was a little shaky =)

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A Life of Style: Hair Care Boot Camp - Healthy Hair Care


Alright Chicas, let's get down to some hair business. In my first HCBC post, I blogged about my friend who has major hair trauma due to home styling and letting any and everybody do her hair. I'm not confident enough in my home styling skills to apply my own relaxer, in a pinch I'll wash and blow dry my hair but those pinches are few and far between. My hair care is very dependent on my diet, home maintenance, and my stylist.

Vitamins + Water = Healthy Hair:
I don't have the best diet and I take a LOT of vitamins to compensate for what I lack in healthy meals. I also guzzle a ton of water everyday. One of my goals is having healthier eating habits so I take a piece of fruit or yogurt with me for a snack as opposed to buying chips or cookies. For the past five months I have taken the GNC Women's Hair, Skin, and Nails Program. There are four pills in the program and if that's not enough, I take eight other vitamins. Yep, I take a total of twelve vitamins a day. Here's the list:

*GNC Women's Hair, Skin, & Nails Program:
*Nature's Made Super B Complex
*CVS Pharmacy Biotin 1000mcg
*Nature's Bounty Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg
*CVS Pharmacy Vitamin C 250mg
*Nature's Made Flaxseed Oil 1000mg
*CVS Pharmacy Natural Calcium, Magnesium, & Zinc
*CVS Pharmacy MSM 1000mg
*Women's One A Day Multivitamin

Home Maintenance:
Use heat styling tools as little as possible. If you have to use heat be sure to protect your hair and use the lowest possible heat setting. The best heat protecting sprays in my opinion are, Tresemme Heat Tamer, Nexxus Heat Protexx, and Ellin LaVar Thermmist Spray. Since I have decreased heat styling, I roll my hair with satin foam rollers. If I'm tired and decide to skip the rollers, I pin my hair up or wear a headband, heat styling is always the last option. I see my stylist every week for a shampoo and wrap.

The Stylist:
A good hair stylist can make all the difference in your hair care routine. I get my hair relaxed so I need to take extra care of it. My stylist, Wille Malone is pretty amazing. I've been going to Willie for three and a half years. We have a good relationship because he believes in healthy hair, he asks his clients what their hair goals are, and works to make the goal a reality. Willie is also open to suggestions and new products. I often take a styling product along for him to use on my hair. He tells me what ingredients to look for in products and what to stay away from.
So that's an overview of my hair care. I'll do an in depth hair care routine post, complete with my favorite products in another post.
I'd love to hear from you. What's your hair care routine? What are your hair concerns?

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A Life of Style: When One Door Closes...

One week ago today, my position along with 30+ others were phased out. The reason? You guessed it...the awful economy. I worked for a nonprofit healthcare association that has not been doing so well fiscally. I saw the writing on the wall when they cancelled the holiday party and told us that we were not getting bonuses.

I may be out of work but I have so much to be thankful for. My job did not define me. This is just another step in my journey. My spirits have remained very upbeat.

So I've gone from being a Recessionista to a Pink Slip Fashionista, lol. Trust me I plan to stay on top of my makeup and style game.
Stay Fabulous,
Kim aka The Pink Slip Fashionista

A Life of Style: Hair Care Boot Camp - Healthy Hair

Bon Jour Beautiful People! I'm back and better, fly and fresh, bigger and mo' def. Okay...I'll stop now =)

Before I share some recent developments I want to talk a little about my new Hair Care Boot Camp series.

I have a really good friend who was recently complaining that her hair just won't grow no matter what she does. Over the years I have seen her brand of hair care and it makes me cringe. If she's not playing kitchen beautician to her already weak tresses, she's salon hopping by allowing any stylist who's rate is $35 and under to do her hair. I firmly believe that you can not be cheap with your hair. You have to make a small investment by using quality products for your hair type, find a stylist that you can build a good relationship with, watch your diet, keep your stress level down, and drink plenty of water.

I understand that circumstances often require us to play kitchen beautician and if you have the skill, and patience then go for it. My friend is really doing her hair more harm than good. She relaxes at home, rarely gets her ends trimmed, and uses heat everyday. I told her that she has to get her hair healthy first and then she can focus on growing her hair out, thus the Hair Care Boot Camp series was born. Stay tuned!!!

Holiday Tipping Cheat Sheet

Is it essential to give a little extra to your hairstylist, manicurist and other beauty service providers? Read on to find out

This year, we're all feeling the money crunch and this tipping guide takes that into consideration -- so don't stress. The bottom line is our hairstylists, manicurists, massage therapists, etc., work hard for us and deserve some thanks during the holiday season. Read on to see how much is appropriate to tip and creative alternatives to say 'thanks" to your beauty gurus.

See tip guide

A Life of Style: Testing 1, 2, 3

Just testing out posting from my BlackBerry.

A Life of Style: New Posts Coming Soon...I Promise


My DSL nightmare is over and I promise to have some new posts up by Wednesday.

In the meantime, I hope everyone had the chance to get a copy of Newsweek. My newest style icon, Future First Lady Michelle Obama is on the cover. Great reading!

I guess I should admit that I am officially style stalking the fabulous Mrs. O and I'm not the only one (Adeea, Jamie, I see you, lol)

A Life of Style: Sample Sale, Life is Busy, Work is Crazy, and AT&T DSL SUCKS!


Click on the image below to enlarge.

The title of this post just says it all, doesn't it?

I haven't blogged in so long. I miss you all. My DSL at home has been on the fritz for weeks. I've gone off on various AT&T customer service reps more times than I can count. Their service is beyond horrible. Supposedly my DSL will be up and running by 5 p.m. tonight. I've heard that before. If I get home this evening and the DSL light is still flashing red I swear I'll start screaming. I'm paying for a service that I can't even use and no one has any answers.
Anyway, there's a two day sample sale near my job next week and I'm sharing the news. If you're in Chicago be sure to check this out.
In light of the dismal economy, I am very fortunate to be employed. My company cancelled our annual holiday party and we won't be getting our annual bonus. Times are hard and funds are low. We are all overworked and just hanging on hoping for a breakthrough. I'm really looking forward to the long weekend.
Okay I have to get back to work. I'll be back to posting very soon.

A Life of Style: We Have a New President!!!!!!


I can't even put into words the emotion I am feeling. As soon as Barack Obama was announced as the 44th President, I jumped up and screamed. I cried. I called my mom, called my closest friends, sent text messages, and thanked God for answering prayers. I cried so much that I gave myself a headache.

We have elected the first African-American President of the United States of America. President-Elect Obama said "Yes we can." and YES WE DID!!!!! I never thought I would see the day where a black man would be elected to the highest position in government.

Barack Obama ran a decent campaign where he focused on the issues and laid out a plan for America. His integrity and focus ignited a spark within me. I've been Team Obama since day one and my support never wavered. He is the right man for the job and he will lead this country in a positive new direction. We've done our part in electing him but we must continue to pray for him and his family because he is in for the fight of his life.

A Life of Styel: I "Baracked" the Vote

I awoke this morning with a mix of emotions, I was happy, hopeful, excited, and ready to vote. I arrived at my polling location at 7:30a.m. and yes there was a long line. As luck would have it I was in line behind a family of four (mom, dad, and two very busy little children). The dad was proudly wearing a cool Obama '08 tee shirt and mom was prepared with a bag of healthy snacks and small toys for the little ones.

I too was prepared for a long wait of two hours or more. My vote tote held snacks, bottled water, a magazine, a book, and my iPod. Surprisingly the whole process only took an hour. The election judges were organized and swift. They were the ultimate multi-taskers, lol!

As I left the polls, tears welled up in my eyes. The possibility of what this country is on the verge of is amazing to me. I thank God that I am alive to be a part of history.

A Life of Style: Commes des Garcons for H&M


Comme des Garçons for H&M arrives in Chicago Thursday, November 13th
WHO: H&M, Hennes & Mauritz and high fashion design house, Comme des Garçons
WHAT: H&M, Hennes & Mauritz, the international fashion retailer known for stylish and affordable fashions, launches their newest high fashion collaboration, a limited edition exclusive collection designed by Rei Kawakubo, founder and head designer of Comme des Garçons.
The collection includes a complete range for men and women, which also includes accessories and a unisex fragrance. Only eight stores in the U.S. will carry the collection.
WHEN: Thursday, November 13th. Store opens to public: 9:30 AM
WHERE: Comme des Garçons for H&M collection will ONLY be available at the
following Chicago location:
H&M Michigan Avenue
840 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL.
*Please note: Customers may only purchase two (2) of the same garments from this limited edition collection.
For more information, please contact:
H&M, Jennifer Uglialoro,, 201.993.8934
LaForce + Stevens, Venessa Correa,, 212.242.9353

Viva La Juicy!!!!

Meet the Juicy Girls!!!!

Juicy Couture founders Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy will host a meet and greet for all Juicy lovers at their new Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City next Saturday, November 8th. The duo will be signing postcards and giving away a limited quantity of “Viva La Juicy” tees to shoppers who spend over $200.

When: Saturday, November 8th 11AM – 1PM
Where: Juicy Couture Flagship, 650 Fifth Avenue (Cross street 52nd St )

A Life of Style: The Makeup Show LA




MARCH 15&16, 2009





STATE Public Relations
NEW YORK, NY 10002

PH +1.646.714.2520
FX +1.646.478.9515



Download PDF release here.



NEW YORK, NY (October 2008)– The Powder Group and Metropolitan Events and Production are excited to announce the debut of The Makeup Show LA, March 15 & 16, 2009, 9AM–6PM at the California Market Center, 110 East Ninth Street, in downtown Los Angeles. The go to beauty event for the East Coast since 2006, The Makeup Show will bring the same pro-driven, artistic, and community energy to the West Coast for the first time.

By bringing together beauty professionals, industry educators, retailers, product companies and manufacturers, The Makeup Show has succeeded as an unparalleled event, casting top makeup talent from the worlds of fashion & beauty, special effects, film & television, theater, and product development.

With a built-in educational program, The Makeup Show touches upon the art of makeup, the latest products, trends and techniques from editorial beauty, airbrush secrets, FX, makeup for HD TV, and the perfect bride, via technique and style, hands-on workshops, seminars and keynote presentations. From editorial forces to mass-market phenomenon, insider-only tips are traded between the best in the business over the two-day intensive event.

Direct from the makeup counters, beauty lines including Lancôme, P&G Beauty, Smashbox, Mario Badescu Skin Care and Kissable Couture, Shu Uemura, Billy B Beauty, Embryolisse, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Pencil Me In, Make Up For Ever, Senna Cosmetics, M.A.C. Cosmetics, Three Custom Color, Linda Mason Elements, and Alison Raffaele Cosmetics have been part of The Makeup Show, launching new products and showcasing their must-have pro-standards.

An intimate show with a real sense of community and artistic energy, makeup artists worldwide have become part of The Makeup Show family, including Joanna Schlip, Sandy Linter, Billy B, Kate Best, Sharon Gault, Jake Bailey, Molly R. Stern, Eve Pearl, David Goforth, Cheryl Gushue, James Vincent, Orlando Santiago, Marietta Carter Narcisse, Jon Hennessey, Alison Rafaelle, AJ Crimson, Kevin James Bennett, Linda Mason, Sarah Lucero, Leslie Christin, Leslie Lopez, Myles O’Reilly Johnny Lavoy, taking the stage in various keynote presentations, individual hands-on workshops and seminars, demonstrating beauty techniques and applications, products, tools of the trade and the business of the beauty industry.

The Makeup Show LA is sponsored in part by Diamond sponsor Make Up For Ever, Platinum sponsor Temptu, and sponsors Crown Industries and Alcone. Media sponsors include On Makeup Magazine and Color Mundo. For a full list of exhibitors, visit

The Makeup Show NYC 2009
will be held May 17 & 18, 2009 at Metropolitan Pavilion, located at 125 West 18th Street, New York. For more information visit To learn how to be part of The Makeup Show please contact Shelly Taggar at + or via email at, or Amanda Levine at

For press inquiries, media accreditation and passes, contact STATE Public Relations, directly at +1.646.714.2520, Kristina Ratliff at or Ryan Urcia at

Highlights from The Makeup Show NYC, May 18–19, 2008

Makeup artist Sandy Linter opened The Makeup Show NYC with a keynote presentation spanning 3 decades of her Career in Makeup, including her recent appointment as spokes-artist of Lancôme for All Ages. Meanwhile, P&G Beauty presented CoverGirl celebrity artist Molly R. Stern and MAX Factor celebrity artist, Jake Bailey for Artist to Artist.

Three Custom Color sold out of custom eye shadow “Snow” created special for Angelina Jolie while Temptu showed off custom made temporary tattoos made for Michelle Williams who has a full body tattoo art in her film Synecdoche, New York by Charlie Kaufman, that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Forrest Whitaker's wife Keisha Nash-Whitaker was also on hand to promote her beauty line Kissable Couture along with AJ Crimson. Make Up For Ever launched their HD make up line with on-site demonstrations with HD ready camera and television. The beloved Sharon Gault shared her teenage fresh look she recently did for a JC Penny Back-to-School ad with David LaChappelle.

Hands-on workshops and seminars included perfecting flawless beauty with Cheryl Gushue’s Perfecting Beauty and Essential Eyes, Beautiful Skin of Color by Marietta Carter Narcisse, Bridal & Event Focus with Johnny Lavoy, AJ Crimson’s Beautiful Makeup, and Runway Trends from M.A.C. Cosmetics. Meanwhile, Joanna Schlip demonstrated star-worthy techniques and product choices she uses with the likes of Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, and Jessica Simpson, in her Master Workshop: Beautiful Makeup.

For a makeup matinée, The Makeup Show Lead Artist, James Vincent, shed light on one of the most talked about topics in the industry, Understanding High Definition–a hands-on workshop filmed in HD cameras and monitors in real-time. Complimenting this transition for all broadcast to HD, The Artists of CNN shared a behind-the-scenes look at products, techniques and tips that make these artists part of the most professional, dedicated, and passionate team in the news business. Also at the show were exclusive seminars from industry leaders Graftobian with Developing Hi-Def Technique for Film and Television and “Lights, HD Camera, Action” by Roque Cozzette for Kett Cosmetics.

On Makeup Magazine celebrated their official New York launch with a party at Fontana’s sponsored by Make Up For Ever, Alcone, Stila Cosmetics, Limelight Ltd. and Three Custom Color.

About The Powder Group
Introducing your ultimate makeup confidant, The Powder Group is a one-stop makeup and beauty concierge service and powerhouse resource for professionals and consumers who are passionate about the art of makeup. Intelligence for all aspects of the art of maquillage, from artist services, events, and program development to the latest include tip-offs on how to achieve the latest look direct from the fashion runways and celebrity red-carpets. Founded in 2003 by Michael DeVellis - also the founder of The Makeup Show, On Makeup Magazine, The American Beauty Tour, The Artist Summit and Evolution, an advanced artist retreat held semi-annually in Cape Cod - The Powder Group is comprised of professional and celebrity makeup and beauty talent from around the globe with backgrounds in fashion, editorial, television, film, and special effects; a go-to team of makeup artists from every area of expertise. DeVellis is also the founder of The Makeup Show Events and services are offered internationally. The Powder Group also publishes On Makeup Magazine- a pro-driven makeup magazine that launched Winter 2008. For more information please visit

About Metropolitan Events and Production
Metropolitan Events and Production is a first-of-its-kind hybrid venue and event-planning house providing full-service event coordination, a dedicated staff, and a distinguished network of production resources culminating from years of experience. Mirroring the pride of the award winning special events venue, Metropolitan Pavilion, the production branch continues to meets contemporary standards of excellence and distinction with more than a decade of hands-on experience and superior rated service. A fusion of production services and management expertise, Metropolitan Events and Production compliments the needs of clients, working with event planners to streamline the entire event process. From administrative proficiency to creative services, Metropolitan Events offers a full range of event know-how from floor plans and event design, marketing and staffing, consultation, catering and more. Metropolitan Events and Production leverages a rolodex for all needs of event coordination including party rentals, liquor and beverage packages, photography services, printing services, and assistance in obtaining special permits from local agencies. For more information please visit


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