A Life of Styel: I "Baracked" the Vote


I awoke this morning with a mix of emotions, I was happy, hopeful, excited, and ready to vote. I arrived at my polling location at 7:30a.m. and yes there was a long line. As luck would have it I was in line behind a family of four (mom, dad, and two very busy little children). The dad was proudly wearing a cool Obama '08 tee shirt and mom was prepared with a bag of healthy snacks and small toys for the little ones.

I too was prepared for a long wait of two hours or more. My vote tote held snacks, bottled water, a magazine, a book, and my iPod. Surprisingly the whole process only took an hour. The election judges were organized and swift. They were the ultimate multi-taskers, lol!

As I left the polls, tears welled up in my eyes. The possibility of what this country is on the verge of is amazing to me. I thank God that I am alive to be a part of history.


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