A Life of Style Book of the Month


Since I'm back in school the only books I should be reading are textbooks but I need something fun to read when textbook jargon gives me a headache.

While browsing around Borders this weekend with my 40% off coupon burning a hole in my bag, none of the titles appealed to me. I was about to leave the store but realized I hadn’t checked the table of trade paperbacks.

Balancing Acts by Zoe Fishman caught my eye. Here's the synopsis from the back cover:

Charlie seemed to have it all—beauty, brains and a high-paying Wall Street job far away from her simple Midwest upbringing. Then, in the middle of her “quarter life crisis,” she decides that the banker’s life isn’t what she wanted after all, quits her job and opens her own yoga studio in Brooklyn. But like any new business, finding customers is an uphill battle. When she hears about her college’s alumni night, she straps on her best salesman smile and invades midtown -determined to drum up some business.
Unexpectedly, she reconnects with three college classmates—women who, like Charlie, haven’t ended u quite where they wanted to in life. Sabine, a romance book editor, still longs to write the novel brewing inside of her. Naomi, a child of the Upper East Side, was an up-and-coming photographer and social darling, but now is a single mom who hasn’t picked up her camera in years. Bess, a California girl trying to make it in New York dreams of being the next Christiane Amanpour, but instead finds herself writing snarky captions for a gossip mag, which is neither satisfying nor rewarding. When Charlie, who has her own past to contend with, signs them up for a weekly beginner’s yoga class, they become all too aware of the lack of balance in their lives. Each has to dig deep and fight their inner demons to reconnect with what they truly want out of life.

I was very intrigued so I pulled up the Amazon app on my BlackBerry and checked the reviews. I tend to trust Amazon reviews and honestly haven't been steered wrong yet. Balancing Acts is Zoe Fishman's first novel. She has five star reviews on Amazon as well as very positive reviews from various literary sites.

Balancing Acts is a real page turner and I can hardly put it down, but I have to because homework and papers are calling. This is my commuter and weekend book. I'm balancing it around my other committments, get it? Balancing...LOL!

What are you reading? If you're looking for something new to read, I highly recommend Balancing Acts. If you have read it or decide to read it, let me know!

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Haute Bag Lady Bag of the Week


Yet another throwback for this week's Haute Bag of the week:

The infamous Dooney & Bourke Duck Bag.

Somewhere at my mom's house, among some of my old junk the duck bag resides. I'll have to dig it up and bring it home with me.

This bag was quite popular back in the day and I thought I was oh so fly whenever I carried it.

I haven't been on Dooney & Bourke's site in a very long time. They have some new styles and their price point seems to have dropped considerably. There are quite a few stylish leather bags I'd like to add to my collection.

Are you a Dooney & Bourke bag lady? Tell me about your D&B bag.

Check them out:

Shoe-gasm: Fuschia Glitter Cuteness by Romantic Soles


How cute are these? The bold pink sparklers deserve to be the center of attention and are just begging to go dancing.

I want to slip these on and do the cha-cha (no, not the cha-cha slide (ugh!) the real cha-cha.) Lol!

These are by Romantic Soles. Find them online at Zappos.


Drugstore Gems: Maybelline Eye Studio™ Gel Eyeliner


Hello Lovelies!

I took advantage of the Maybelline makeup sale at CVS two weeks ago. The Eye Studio™ products have been on my radar for awhile but I was waiting for a BOGO free deal or at least a BOGO half price. I had a few Maybelline coupons to use as well.

I purchased the gel eyeliner in Charcoal and I am  loving it! The first drugstore gel eyeliner is a winner. It goes on smooth, the color is intense, it does not run - I applied it at 7 a.m. and it still looked fresh and intact at 5 p.m. Kudos to Maybelline for including the brush ;)  My only criticism is that the brush should be retractable.

Amazing! I love this eyeliner and I want to share the love so I'm giving one away!!!!

Just leave a comment with your favorite beauty or fashion quote by Monday, March 29th. Winner will be chosen at random.

Here's a few of my favorite beauty and fashion quotes:

“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.”  ~ Calvin Klein

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." ~ Coco Chanel 

"Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress." ~ Coco Chanel 

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Janet Jackson: Why Did I Get Married Too NYC Premiere


I am ALL over Why Did I Get Married Too. The premiere took place on Monday in New York and the always fabulous, Miss Janet Jackson worked the red carpet in a very chic look, big sister Reebie was her plus one. These sisters are gorgeous. Reebie is 59 years old but doesn't look a day over 40.

You all know I am the biggest Janet Jackson fan so I support her in all she does. One day I'll fulfill my dream of getting to meet her. Dream big!!!!

Are you going to see Why Did I Get Married Too?

Haute Bag Lady Bag of the Week


Still on my vintage fix so this week's Haute Bag Lady Bag of the Week is another Etsy find from Cheeky Vintage Closet.

Hopefully one of my fashionista readers can snatch this cutie up:

This is a 1960's patent leather frame bag and the best part is that it only costs $10.50!!!! Don't sit there with your mouth hanging open, click here & order it!!!!

Etsy On My Mind

I was in a vintage kind of mood this weekend so instead of going out thrifting (the weather in Chicago was nasty!), I visited Etsy. Yours truly ordered these two dresses from Cherry Bloom Vintage:

Aren't they cute? I can't wait till they arrive. Cherry Bloom Vintage had a lot of cute items. I'm sure I'll be ordering from that shop along with a few others I discovered again very soon. Something tells me I need a few vintage handbags in my collection.

For more information:

My Favorite Hand Cream


When it comes to quality hand creams, L'Occitane Lavender Hand Cream is one of my staple products. I use it all year round. I keep a cheap .99 hand cream in my bag for those moments when friends ask if I have some lotion (can't wait for the feedback on that little confession, lol). L'Occitane costs too much to share all will-nilly!
The blend of shea butter, vitamin E, and lavender works wonders on dry hands especially during the winter. What I love most is how quickly it soaks into the skin and doesn't leave my hands greasy. A couple of small drops go a long way. If you purchase the largers sized tube, be sure to pick up the key so you can get every last bit of product from the tube. The key is $8 but maybe you'll luck up on a nice sales associate like I did who tossed it in my bag with a wink ;)

Do you have a favorite hand cream? Let me know what it is in the comments!!

Haute Bag Lady Bag of the Week: Vintage Coach


From left to right: Janice Legacy in Mahogany, Coach Day Pack in Black, and a small Coach bag in British Tan (I forgot the name of it, lol)

These are a few of my Coach bags from the '90s. I'm proud of these three bags because I bought them with my own money earned from my first big girl job. There is nothing like Coach leather. All my bags are still in great condition. I used to rub them down with the Coach lotion and the special cloth. I was a proud purse mommy taking good care of her babies.

I should start carrying these bags again, especially since long strap shoulder bags are back in style.

Weekend Haul


Hello Lovelies!!! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend despite Daylight Savings Time robbing us all of an hour of much needed rest. Thank goodness for coffee.

I indulged in some shopping and a movie this weekend. My birthday Amex gift card came in handy because I wanted to get some cute fun items. Mission accomplished ;)

The Weekend Haul - from top to bottom:

Liberty of London for Target coffee mug. I got the last two on the shelf. The collection only debuted yesterday but the housewares were almost gone when I arrived.

Liberty of London for Target shirtdress. I am crazy about this floral print.

Harajuku Lovers "Nerd Girl" tee. I'll wear this to yoga class.

Max Studio Floral top - As you all can see, I love flowers and prints =)

A new journal. Whenever I see a cute journal, I'll buy it. I couldn't resist the Burberry-like pattern of this one. It was only $3.99 at Office Depot. Yay!

**All of the above items were purchased with my own money.**

Sinful Colors Saturday Mani

Saturday's manicure: Sinful Colors in Daddy's Girl. In the bottle you see a dark sparkly purple however the color on my nails was not as dark as I had hoped for.
Sinful Colors nail polish is only $1.99 at Walgreens. This was my first time trying the nail polish and I have to be honest, the formula is very thin. Day two of this manicure and the color is already fading from the tips of my nails. Even the nail tech commented on the quality, saying it was very watery . Sinful Colors is definitely no competition for OPI, Essie, or Zoya. It took three coats to achieve the a color somewhat close to the bottle.

Sometimes you really do get what you pay for and Sinful Colors nail polish gives you exactly $1.99 worth of quality.

**The product featured in this post was purchased with my own money.**

(Payless) Shoe-gasm Part Deux


Sooo... I stopped by Payless to try on the Dowtown Zip Sandal by Christian Siriano. After inspecting the taupe pair, I decided if I got them, black would be the color to go with. I found my size and  as soon as I zipped them up, I knew they would be going back into the box and  back on the shelf.

You see that piece that goes around the ankle? That piece and my skinny ankles were not getting along. I tried to walk in the shoes but with my ankles not secure, my heels slipped a few times and the shoe was just too loose on my foot. Imagine me walking down the street in them, I'd look crazy trying to keep my balance.

Back on the shelf they went and my skinny ankles and I strutted out the door. Will I ever find a similar shoe that fits my ankle properly?

(Payless) Shoe-gasm


Good Evening, I hope all is stylish in your corner of the world.

I have a confession to make... I am a shoe snob. Over the years, I've turned my nose up at Payless Shoes and have refused to go in the stores at all. Nothing annoys me more than cheap and poorly made shoes. Payless had a reputation for being wallet friendly but looked as though they were put together while the shoemaker was held at gunpoint in a dimly lit room. The quality of their merchandise was lacking.

Last year, Oprah offered a 50% off coupon for Payless Shoes when Christian Siriano was a guest on her show. Oh how I wished the coupon was for Nordstrom's shoe department or Piperlime. After visiting Payless' website, two pairs of cute flats caught my eye. Giving in to the peer pressure from a few friends, I decided to print the coupon and join in the shoe shopping fun.  I was impressed with the Lela Rose flats and the Christian Siriano flats. Comfortable, well made, no visible glue, or stench of plastic. My, my, Payless you've come a long way.

Well I just left the Payless site and had to post the Downtown Zip Sandal designed by Mr. Siriano. I really like this shoe but I can't commit to full on love until I see it in person. Stay tuned for a follow up.

What do you guys think of the Downtown Zip Sandal? It also comes in black patent "leather". I'm thinking of a few skirts and dresses I have that could use a bit of the edge these would add. How would you wear these shoes?

Haute Bag Lady Bag of the Week


Big Buddha's Hibiscus Tote and hobo are GORGEOUS!!!! I saw a Dillard's ad in the March Glamour and the model was holding the tote bag. It was love at first sight, so off to the internet I went for some more information.

Both bag scream spring/summer to me and the hibiscus give them a very unique look.

Big Buddha is a seven year old vegan handbag line that has been featured in O, Lucky, and People Style Watch. The bags are designed by 25 year old Jeremy Bassan. He handles design and production.

Which do you prefer the tote or the hobo?

Have you ever carried a vegan bag?

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