Haute Bag Lady Bag of the Week


Yet another throwback for this week's Haute Bag of the week:

The infamous Dooney & Bourke Duck Bag.

Somewhere at my mom's house, among some of my old junk the duck bag resides. I'll have to dig it up and bring it home with me.

This bag was quite popular back in the day and I thought I was oh so fly whenever I carried it.

I haven't been on Dooney & Bourke's site in a very long time. They have some new styles and their price point seems to have dropped considerably. There are quite a few stylish leather bags I'd like to add to my collection.

Are you a Dooney & Bourke bag lady? Tell me about your D&B bag.

Check them out:


ChiTown Fashionista said...

I love that Duck Bag! Been eyeing it for awhile. I still have a Dooney bag in a classic shape that I carry from time to time. I also have a Dooney wallet that I've carried consistently for over 5 years...talk about running it into the ground! LOL!

Dooney uses high-quality leather and for that, I'll always be a fan.

D. Lux said...

Oooh this is too cute! I love this bag! Might have to get this one to keep my other dooney company!


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