(Payless) Shoe-gasm Part Deux


Sooo... I stopped by Payless to try on the Dowtown Zip Sandal by Christian Siriano. After inspecting the taupe pair, I decided if I got them, black would be the color to go with. I found my size and  as soon as I zipped them up, I knew they would be going back into the box and  back on the shelf.

You see that piece that goes around the ankle? That piece and my skinny ankles were not getting along. I tried to walk in the shoes but with my ankles not secure, my heels slipped a few times and the shoe was just too loose on my foot. Imagine me walking down the street in them, I'd look crazy trying to keep my balance.

Back on the shelf they went and my skinny ankles and I strutted out the door. Will I ever find a similar shoe that fits my ankle properly?


chi-town fashionista said...

I'm sorry it didn't work out. :-(

However, I'm certain there's another shoe out there with your name on it.

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