Haute Bag Lady Bag of the Week


This week's Haute Bag Lady pick is the Louis Vuitton NeverFull PM in Damier Ebene Canvas.

Isn't she gorgeous! I love, love, love, Louis Vuitton. Lately I'm more partial to the Damier Ebene print. The NeverFull is the ideal luxury tote, perfect for work, travel, and weekend errands. Its a classic style in a classic print that would work with a variety of outfits.

This haute bag is $700.00. A great investment to make if the price is within your budget because you'll have the bag forever.

Check out the world of Louis Vuitton

Press Play: Corinne Bailey Rae - Like A Star


After a three year abscence, the eclectic and uber talented Corinne Bailey Rae is back.

"Like A Star" was the song that came on and everything around me had to stop. The lyrics, the melody. There was just nothing like it on the radio.

I can't wait to to get Corinne's new cd, "The Sea" this Tuesday.

Welcome back Corinne. You were missed!

A Life of Style: Hair Care Boot Camp 2010

Happy Sunday! I've been feeling some kind of way about my hair so I decided to blog about it. I'm long overdue for a Hair Care Boot Camp update so I'm bringing this series back in a big way for Twenty-10.

My last Hair Care Boot Camp post was ahem, quite some time ago and so much has changed. Back then I was growing my hair out and really wanted to achieve a certain length. Well I made an impulsive decision on December 5th, 2009 and got my hair cut short. Fast forward to today and I am so over my hair cut. I'm so over my hair cut, I need a new word for over. I loved my hair cut for about three weeks but now I regret going short. So I'm back on my healthy hair regimen...again.

Throughout my recent hair journey, I have discovered that when I am stressed out, my hair suffers. Last summer was a particularly stressful time in my life and by September my hair was not doing well at all. My stress level has reached an all time high and the damage is done. I cut my hair because I needed a change. I was hoping to feel more sassy and chic. You know channeling my inner Mary J. Blige or something. Well the feeling of sassy and chic hung around for three, four days at the most. Perhaps I really wasn't ready to go short.

If I can just get my bob (pictured at right) back by June, I'll be very happy.

Wish me luck!!!!

Hair Care Boot Camp rides again...

Lip Balm Love: C.O. Bigelow


Hello fabulous world! It's Thursday and we have made it this far. As P. Diddy says via Twitter: "Let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Yes, he uses that many exclamation points and sometimes more, lol!

After reading Latoicha of Luxe Tips™ review of C.O. Bigelow's My Favorite Lip Balm, I headed to the C.O. Bigelow store in the Water Tower to make my purchase. There was a special offer of 3 lip balms for $15, so I chose the Mentha Lip Buffer and Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint in Plum. Both products normally retail for $7.50 so I lucked up on a sweet deal, saving about $7.00. Ca-Ching!

The Mentha Lip Buffer is a mixture of peppermint oil, shea and cocoa butter with sugar crystals. I've used this twice a week since purchasing and love the results. This is a gentle lip exfoliant. I follow up with My Favorite Lip Balm and I'm good to go.

I'm a longtime fan of the Mentha Lip Tints and the plum shade is a pretty neutral color. I use my MAC Cork lip liner and fill in slightly with MAC Oak lip liner and apply the tint on top.

The buffer and lip balm are must haves especially for this time of the year. These products are A Life of Style approved!

For more information:

My Favorite Lip Balm

Mentha Lip Buffer

Mentha Lip Tints

A Life of Style Meets Dr. Miracle's


Today was a really good day. Everything flowed according to plan (that rarely happens). I was on time for all my appointments. My hairstylist got me in and out of the salon in record time. I ate four mini cupcakes from Sugar Bliss (ignore that). And the icing on the cake was meeting the fabulous ladies behind the Dr. Miracle's brand.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Brand Educator, Kathleen Johnson and Marketing Director, Joelle Joseph, who visited the Windy City for television appearances and meeting local bloggers.

We chatted about hair care, Dr. Miracle's extensive product line, transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, and the importance of getting and keeping your hair healthy.

I must admit, before today I was not familiar with Dr. Miracle's products at all. I've never used them. Luckily I was given the opportunity to test some products before today's meeting.

As many of you know, my hair is relaxed and the bulk of my hair care takes place within a salon. Today I got my usual shampoo, conditioning treatment, and wrap. I took Dr. Miracle's 2 in 1 Tingling Shampoo & Conditioner, and the Healing Leave in Treatment & Conditioner. I always apply organic coconut oil to my hair as a pre-shampoo treatment one or two days before having my hair washed. As an extra treat, I applied the Intensive Healing Oil Hair & Scalp Treatment as well.

While I applied the oil to my scalp, the slightly sweet yet medicinal scent took me back to a wonderful childhood memory. My great-grandmother used some sort of hair dressing that had a similar aroma. I used to help her brush her hair when I was about three years old. The power of scent is a very real thing.
My scalp tingled a little which I liked. I wrapped my hair with a silk scarf like always and this morning my hair was so soft and my scalp did not itch.

During the harsh Chicago winters, my scalp is especially dry and itchy. The healing scalp oil calmed all the itching.

My stylist's assistant used the shampoo and she liked the fragrance. I liked the tingle. Tingling means its working! Even though the shampoo has conditioner already mixed in, she insisted on a deep conditioning treatment under the hair dryer. After my hair was rinsed, she applied the usual wrapping foam. I asked her to mix the foam with the healing leave in treatment and conditioner. I went back under the dryer for an hour.

Once my hair was dry, my stylist began his job of styling me pretty. My hair had a lot of shine; I was amazed at how great my hair looked and felt. Trying new hair products always makes me nervous. I'm never sure if the product (s) will make my hair feel like a Brillo pad. That was not the case today. I'm excited to try more Dr. Miracle's products now and tell you all about them in the weeks to come.

While speaking with Joelle and Kathleen, I learned so much about Dr. Miracle's products and company. Each product heals an issue plaguing African-American hair - heat styling, chemical over processing, dryness, and breakage. Heal the hair, then nurture it and it will grow.

If you've used Dr. Miracle's products, I'd love to know how well they worked for you. Please leave a comment or send me an email. Over the next few days, I'll be posting more about Dr. Miracle's products and there may even be a giveaway. So stay tuned to A Life of Style!

For more information:

Haute Bag Lady Bag of the Week


Junior Drake

It's Not The Bag. It's The Girl.

Two years ago while shopping in Loehmann's, I spotted a gorgeous brick red leather bag with brass hardware. I picked the bag up to further inspect it and was amazed at how soft the leather felt. The bag was big, looked great on my arm, and had a pretty lining of a black woman fom what looked the the late 1950s or early 196os. I was in handbag love.

Junior Drake? Hmm... I had no recollection of the brand and figured it was a Los Angeles based company. Something about the bag said California to me.

Sadly, I had to leave the bag behind, but as soon as I made it back to work, I visited Junior Drake's website. From that moment, I was hooked!

Junior Drake bags definitely get you noticed. I get a lot of compliments when I carry either of mine. I love the inspiration for the brand and the modern yet vintage look of each bag.

If you're not familiar with Junior Drake, please visit their website. I can see this brand becoming a major player among luxury accessories.

My goal is to add a couple more bags to my collection. I'm watching this line very closely and cannot wait to see what's next.

Pictured: Patsy Brown aka Junior Drake and the Mitra Hobo.

Praying for Haiti


Take a moment to read a great post, Help for Haiti: A Little History

Red Cross


And The Winner Is....


I'd like to apologize for the delay in announcing the Happy Birthday Contest winner. I had a three day headache which sent me to my bed.

But without further adieu...



And that's not all, I'm feeling generous so I have some beauty goodies for the 2nd & 3rd place winners:

Piper & Nikki!!!!

You guys have 24 hours to email me (alifeofstyle_theblog@yahoo.com) with your mailing info.

Congrats & thanks for playing the Happy Birthday Contest!!!!

How winners were chosen:
Contestant names were written on small pieces of paper, tossed into a hat and shaken up. I carried the hat over to my neighbor's and asked her to reach in the hat and pick three names (Yes, my neighbor looked at me like I was a little weird but so what, I buy the candy bars her kids sell.)

Happy Birthday Contest


Tomorrow, Saturday, January 9th, is MY BIRTHDAY and not only will I get gifts, but one of my fabulous and lucky readers will get a gift too.

That's right, in honor of my birthday, I'm doing my first contest of Twenty-10. Yayyyyy!!!!

The Happy Birthday Contest:

** You have to subscribe to or follow A Life of Style.
** Answer 3 trivia questions by 11:59 p.m. Saturday, January 9, 2010.
** Answers must be submitted by email: alifeofstyle_theblog@yahoo.com

The Questions:

1. What Italian city is considered "the fashion capital of the world"?
2. What stylist says "bananas" and "I Die"? (TOO EASY)
3. Who is Ann Lowe and what is she most famous for?

The Prize:

$50 Nordstrom Gift Card

Good Luck!!!!

Press Play: Lisa Shaw - Tomorrow


Lisa Shaw is huge in the house music/electronica/ world. She is sometimes called the Sade of the club scene. I have her debut cd, Cherry which was released in 2005 andI've been hooked on her music ever since.

Lisa Shaw has worked with deep house dj and producer, Miguel Migs on several Naked Music tracks.

This video for Tomorrow is from her most recent cd "Free". I love the simple elegance of this video. There's not a lot going on but there is certain air of mystery. I think this is my favorite track on Free.

Enjoy! Be sure to check out more of Lisa Shaw's music, I promise you'll love it.

More info:



Healthy, Sexy, & Beautiful 2010


One of my favorite beauty bloggers, Mischo Beauty has a new challenge, "A Healthy, Sexy, & Beautiful 2010"

I am on board and I hope all of you will join as well. My diet is really poor so I take a lot of vitamins and supplements to balance it all out. I'm sure my thinking is inaccurate but until I can discipline myself to eat a lot better the vitamins and supplements will have to suffice.

My HSB 2010 plan:
  1. Decrease the amount of coffee I drink. Instead of my daily beloved Grande Non-Fat, No Whip, White Mocha from Starbucks, I'll make a cup of green tea.
  2. Cut back on the red meat.
  3. Drink 3 liters of water a day.
  4. Start taking yoga again. I used to take a yoga class every Saturday but I slacked off.
  5. Instead of reaching for the cookies, chips, or candy (and some days I have all three) choose a piece of fruit.
  6. Weekly steam facials.
  7. Eat breakfast everyday.
  8. 30 to 45 minutes of quiet time a day. Cut the phones, the tv, and the iPod off. Log off the internet and enjoy the quiet while reading, journaling, or praying. Good mental health is important too.

So are you ready to get Healthy, Sexy, and Beautiful in 2010?

If you're on Twitter:
www.twitter.com/Stylish_Living (that's me)


#HealthySexyBeautiful1010 (to join the HSB2010 discussion)

For more information:
Mischo Beauty's HSB 2010 Challenge

Haute Bag Lady Bag of the Week


I'm a bag lady. A Haute Bag Lady that is. Satchels, totes, hobos, clutches, and shoulder bags, I love them all. I especially love high end, drool worthy, cost more than a mortgage designer bags.

Even though the high end bags are way out of my budget, there's no harm in looking, is there?

I find stylish bags in all price ranges and I've built quite a collection over the years. I'll share pictures of my bags in this feature as well.

Today's Haute Bag Lady Pick:

Chloe Python Shopping Satchel

Gorgeous toffee color, very roomy, brass hardware. I'd probably remove the shoulder strap and carry it in my hand. This is purely a fantasy bag. It costs $3820.00.

I would never spend that much money on a bag and God bless those who would. It sure is pretty isn't it?


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