And The Winner Is....


I'd like to apologize for the delay in announcing the Happy Birthday Contest winner. I had a three day headache which sent me to my bed.

But without further adieu...



And that's not all, I'm feeling generous so I have some beauty goodies for the 2nd & 3rd place winners:

Piper & Nikki!!!!

You guys have 24 hours to email me ( with your mailing info.

Congrats & thanks for playing the Happy Birthday Contest!!!!

How winners were chosen:
Contestant names were written on small pieces of paper, tossed into a hat and shaken up. I carried the hat over to my neighbor's and asked her to reach in the hat and pick three names (Yes, my neighbor looked at me like I was a little weird but so what, I buy the candy bars her kids sell.)


Rai said...

Congrats to the winners!

Kim @ A Life of Style said...

Stay tuned! I plan to do a lot of giveaways in the coming months.

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