A Life of Style: Hair Care Boot Camp 2010


Happy Sunday! I've been feeling some kind of way about my hair so I decided to blog about it. I'm long overdue for a Hair Care Boot Camp update so I'm bringing this series back in a big way for Twenty-10.

My last Hair Care Boot Camp post was ahem, quite some time ago and so much has changed. Back then I was growing my hair out and really wanted to achieve a certain length. Well I made an impulsive decision on December 5th, 2009 and got my hair cut short. Fast forward to today and I am so over my hair cut. I'm so over my hair cut, I need a new word for over. I loved my hair cut for about three weeks but now I regret going short. So I'm back on my healthy hair regimen...again.

Throughout my recent hair journey, I have discovered that when I am stressed out, my hair suffers. Last summer was a particularly stressful time in my life and by September my hair was not doing well at all. My stress level has reached an all time high and the damage is done. I cut my hair because I needed a change. I was hoping to feel more sassy and chic. You know channeling my inner Mary J. Blige or something. Well the feeling of sassy and chic hung around for three, four days at the most. Perhaps I really wasn't ready to go short.

If I can just get my bob (pictured at right) back by June, I'll be very happy.

Wish me luck!!!!

Hair Care Boot Camp rides again...


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