Haute Bag Lady Bag of the Week


I'm a bag lady. A Haute Bag Lady that is. Satchels, totes, hobos, clutches, and shoulder bags, I love them all. I especially love high end, drool worthy, cost more than a mortgage designer bags.

Even though the high end bags are way out of my budget, there's no harm in looking, is there?

I find stylish bags in all price ranges and I've built quite a collection over the years. I'll share pictures of my bags in this feature as well.

Today's Haute Bag Lady Pick:

Chloe Python Shopping Satchel

Gorgeous toffee color, very roomy, brass hardware. I'd probably remove the shoulder strap and carry it in my hand. This is purely a fantasy bag. It costs $3820.00.

I would never spend that much money on a bag and God bless those who would. It sure is pretty isn't it?



mark gil anthony plaza said...

Its so wonderful and gorgoues color bag but would never spend that much money on a bag because of to much expensive.press

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