A Life of Style: I'm trapped!!!! Under a massive ton of work =(


Hello Beautiful People!!!! I'm still here and lately I'm so work's bitch. I'm working on some new posts that I hope to have up this weekend.

Are you guys as excited about the election as I am? I've never been this revved up about voting, lol. I could've voted early but I really want to be a part of the process on November 4th.

Check out The LookBook when you get a chance. Make sure you bookmark it!

I would be remiss if I didn't send condolences out to fellow Chicagoan, Jennifer Hudson. The senseless murders of her mother, brother, and nephew have sent shockwaves throughout the city. I pray that justice is served and that Jennifer and her family stay strong throughout this very difficult time.

A Life of Style: Mascara Junkie - Maybelline XXL Extensions


Brittany over at Clumps of Mascara gave an amazing review of Maybelline XXL Extensions mascara and I had to try it because I love mascara.

Recently I believed I had found the HG mascara in Maybelline Colossal Volum Express but alas, Maybelline XXL Extensions is THE TRUTH. I'm telling everyone to try this one. I got mine from Target and I peeled off the $2 coupon immediately (love it when I can save a few bucks). I can't remember the regular price (in my excitement I just grabbed it and kept going) but I'm assuming it costs about $7 like the all the other Maybelline mascaras.

I made sure to curl my lashes before applying the primer and when I applied the mascara I was just blown away by how far my lashes extended. I was in the mirror smiling and batting my eyelashes (don't act like you've never done that, lol). My lashes looked naturally long and they weren't hard. If a mascara makes my lashes extra crispy it's a definite no in my book. Maybelline XXL Extensions did not irritate my very sensitive eyes either - another plus. After wearing the mascara for several hours I was happy to discover it didn't flake or smudge. I have really been pleased with my last few drugstore mascara purchases. I may never purchase another tube of DiorShow again...

Maybelline's website does not have the latest XXL mascara listed among their products but I have seen it at all the drugstores. So go get it while you can score an instant $2 savings. Let me know when you try it!

A Life of Style: Weekend Fab - Music & Politics

Making the most of the weekend is of great importance in my
life because work drains me. By the time Friday rolls around I'm ready to unwind all the way and whether that unwinding involves cocktails, a hair appointment, or a movie doesn't matter, just as long as work is a very distant memory and I do something enjoyable.

This past Friday I had a hair appointment complete with two glasses of pinot grigio. After my hair was done, I jetted home so I could catch the season premiere of "The Game" and get ready to go see a new singer, Maiysha, perform at the South Shore Cultural Center. And yes Maiysha is the plus-size model featured in several Lane Bryant ads and she's a Chicago native. I was blown away by her performance. I listened to a few tracks on her website and definitely liked her sound. She's bringing something very different to an industry that really doesn't care about talent anymore (Rihanna, Cassie etc...) After the show, I had the chance to meet Maiysha and have my cd signed.

My Saturday and Sunday were spent with the Barack Obama campaign registering people to vote and making phone calls to voters who are still undecided about who they plan to vote for. I went out to dinner with a few other volunteers after our Saturday session. It was great being among and talking to such a diverse group of people. Barack The Vote!!!!!!!!

A Life of Style: The Recessionista Files

Disposable Income...Where Art Thou?

I used to have disposable income after payday but lately that extra money is becoming harder to hold on to and I fear it’s bordering on urban legend status. Everything is so expensive! There was a time I was able to treat myself to a new outfit or a MAC e/s on a very regular basis, sadly that is no longer the case. I must accept the fact that I am a Recessionista.

As much as I like designer bags, Via Spiga shoes, and department store makeup, I must resign myself to only buying when there is a sale. Last week I was at the Gap and saw this sweater, it hurt my heart to have to leave it at the store but I just couldn’t make that investment. Once it goes on sale I’ll buy it but for $68 or $74.97 which it would cost once Chicago’s 10.25% sales tax is added - it will look cute hanging on the rack.
My last grocery bill was $64.19 and I barely had any food. When I put everything away I was literally looking at a refrigerator that still needed more food. I left the store with three bags. I could kick myself for leaving my coupon caddy at home. Yes I’m clipping coupons and watching my pennies closely.

On Friday I went to Nordstrom and wanted to cry as I passed by the MAC counter, okay, maybe crying is an extreme but I definitely felt a pang in my heart. You don’t even want to know how bad I was feeling when I walked by the Bobbi Brown counter. I just headed upstairs to the cafĂ© and ordered my salad because there was no sense in torturing myself. Although I have to give myself props for not even looking at any makeup. One look and my credit card would have been leaping out my wallet making a purchase.

Luckily my product junkie cravings can still be fulfilled with the constant BOGOs at CVS and Walgreens and drugstore brands Cover Girl, Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Revlon have coupons in the Sunday paper. As a recessionista I'm now finding creative ways to afford small luxuries so I brown bag lunch at least twice a week so that I can have the opportunity to go out for drinks a couple of times a month. I still get my biweekly mani/pedi and using the concierge in my building I found an esthetician who only charges $12 for eyebrow waxing (she's amazing too!!!!!), and my weekly hair appointment is non-negotiable. I’m on a budget and no amount of crazy economy will have me rocking Ugly Betty brows, jacked up hair or ragged hands and feet.

Have you discovered that you are a Recessionista? How are you coping?
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