A Life of Style: Weekend Fab - Music & Politics


Making the most of the weekend is of great importance in my
life because work drains me. By the time Friday rolls around I'm ready to unwind all the way and whether that unwinding involves cocktails, a hair appointment, or a movie doesn't matter, just as long as work is a very distant memory and I do something enjoyable.

This past Friday I had a hair appointment complete with two glasses of pinot grigio. After my hair was done, I jetted home so I could catch the season premiere of "The Game" and get ready to go see a new singer, Maiysha, perform at the South Shore Cultural Center. And yes Maiysha is the plus-size model featured in several Lane Bryant ads and she's a Chicago native. I was blown away by her performance. I listened to a few tracks on her website and definitely liked her sound. She's bringing something very different to an industry that really doesn't care about talent anymore (Rihanna, Cassie etc...) After the show, I had the chance to meet Maiysha and have my cd signed.

My Saturday and Sunday were spent with the Barack Obama campaign registering people to vote and making phone calls to voters who are still undecided about who they plan to vote for. I went out to dinner with a few other volunteers after our Saturday session. It was great being among and talking to such a diverse group of people. Barack The Vote!!!!!!!!


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