A Life of Style: Hair Care Boot Camp - My Hair Story Pt. 1


In this segment of Hair Care Boot Camp, I'm going to discuss my hair again. I'm the first to admit that I'm very lazy with my hair and that's why the majority of my hair care takes place within the salon.

My hair is thick and relaxed so I really have to nurture it. Earlier this year I decided to grow my hair long. I was tired of my bob, and didn't want to go back to the short tapered cuts that I wore a few years ago. Starting a growth plan is essential to achieving the desired length. I took three months to really get to know my hair. During the get to know my hair phase, I discovered what products worked best in my hair, invested in more natural oils, and paid close attention to my shedding problem.

My hair was growing quite nicely until I hit a bump in the road in May. I had surgery and was hospitalized for three days. A week before going into the hospital, I got a touch up and a deep conditioning steam treatment. Thanks to my overprotective mother, I wasn't able to get my hair done again until the third week in June. The anesthesia dried my hair out and caused some breakage. My stylist cut the damaged ends and I started taking two 500mg biotin tablets along with my daily multivitamin. I began researching vitamins more extensively in August and seeking advice from friends who were also growing their hair long. I'm telling you guys vitamins are the key. I noticed a change in my hair within a couple of months. Some days I do slack and forget to take my vits and on those days I try to at least take my GNC program. I really need to come up with a better way to take all those pills in one day. Any suggestions????

The latest hair challenge I'm facing is Chicago winter. The ridiculously cold and below freezing tempertaures cause major hair trauma so I use two Carol's Daughter products religiously, Hair Balm and Khoret Amen Hair Oil. I take both products to the salon so my stylist can use them before he curls or flat irons my hair. If I opt for a roller set, he applies the hair balm and a tiny drop of the oil after he removes the rollers. Protecting my hair during the winter is my main concern so I wrap my hair in a silk scarf before wearing any kind of winter hat.

My hair loves avocado oil, pure silk amino acids, Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner, and organic coconut oil. I apply a pea sized amount of avocado oil to my hair when it feels dry. The silk amino acids are added to my moisture spray, thermal protectant, and leave in conditioner. I apply organic coconut oil directly to my scalp twice a week and my hair has been shiny, full of body, and, dare I say growing a little faster? I'll keep you guys posted, I've been using coconut oil for two months and the results have been pretty amazing.

My next Hair Care Boot Camp will focus on finding a salon and stylist. Stay tuned!

Oh, before I forget! My blogger bff wrote a great article entitled "Make the Most of Your Salon Time". Check it out!!!!


DIVAme*E said...

i just got some coconut oil and can't wait to give it a try. and luckily i missed the cold chicago weather since i'm still at school, but i have to face it for a few days this week. it sounds like you use some good oils and products for your hair though and like you're making good progress. can't wait to hear about part 2!

Mischo Beauty said...

You go girl! Please keep us updated on your progress. :)

Kim @ A.L.O.S. said...

@ DIVAme*E, I think you'll see positive changes in your hair after using the coconut oil for a few weeks.

@ Mischo, I hope I'm on the right track. I have a growth goal to reach by March.

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