A Life of Style: Revlon Steel Her Heart Mani


This is my first foray into the N.O.T.D. I got a manicure today and I brought along my newest polish, Revlon's Steel Her Heart, a pretty metallic gunmetal gray. I really like this color. It's a great neutral and it matched the shirt I had on earlier. My nails are getting long again so I need to have them trimmed a little next week.
Please excuse the second picture, my hand was a little shaky =)


yummy411 said...

ooh it looks great! i've been trying to get this on my tips forever. every time i try, i buy 5 new polishes that need to go into rotation.. ugh. i'll do it soon! i need to start painting my own nails =p

Kim @ A.L.O.S. said...

Thanks! I love the color. It's very diff from colors I normally buy. I can't paint my own nails to save my life. If I did, they would look a hot mess, lol

Mischo Beauty said...

Looks good! I love the color and have been stalking my local CVS for it- and of course the Revlon displays are ALWAYS a mess! Ugh!!

Anyway- it looks good on you! :)

Kim @ A.L.O.S. said...

@ Mischo, Thanks! I haven't seen this color anywhere since I got it. There were several bottles the day I got mine but two days later, nada :(

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