A Life of Style: Hair Care Boot Camp - Healthy Hair


Bon Jour Beautiful People! I'm back and better, fly and fresh, bigger and mo' def. Okay...I'll stop now =)

Before I share some recent developments I want to talk a little about my new Hair Care Boot Camp series.

I have a really good friend who was recently complaining that her hair just won't grow no matter what she does. Over the years I have seen her brand of hair care and it makes me cringe. If she's not playing kitchen beautician to her already weak tresses, she's salon hopping by allowing any stylist who's rate is $35 and under to do her hair. I firmly believe that you can not be cheap with your hair. You have to make a small investment by using quality products for your hair type, find a stylist that you can build a good relationship with, watch your diet, keep your stress level down, and drink plenty of water.

I understand that circumstances often require us to play kitchen beautician and if you have the skill, and patience then go for it. My friend is really doing her hair more harm than good. She relaxes at home, rarely gets her ends trimmed, and uses heat everyday. I told her that she has to get her hair healthy first and then she can focus on growing her hair out, thus the Hair Care Boot Camp series was born. Stay tuned!!!


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