A Life of Style: Revlon Touch of Mauve Mani


Today's n.o.t.d. is brought to you by Revlon Touch of Mauve, lol.
I decided on a lighter polish for this week's manicure because the weather in Chicago today was a sunny, 46 degrees. Besides the weather, I've been wearing dark polishes for over a month and wanted to switch it up a little. Before my manicure, I had to soak my nails at home for thirty minutes in a mixture of non-acetone remover and peroxide to get rid of all traces of the Jumpin' Jade.
This color looks more dusty pink and from what I know of mauve this isn't anywhere near it. Oh well, maybe Revlon got a little confused, lol.
Next week's mani: OPI You Don't Know Jacques


Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

Okay...I thought I was crazy...Jumpin Jade was beyotch to get off!!! I had to "scrub" my nails and I use a hardener and a base coat.

Great mani...:)

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