Style 101: Every Trend Is Not Meant For Everyone


Turbans were a pretty hot accessory in 2010 and earlier this year. If celebrity stylist, June Ambrose has her way, the turban reign will continue and become a staple accessory.

I will not be joining the turban revolution. I tried on a turban during one of my shopping trips last fall. Instead of looking chic and fabulous, I looked old. Going to play bingo at church old. Not cute. I couldn't snatch that turban off my head fast enough and I looked around to make sure no one witnessed my style failure.

Every trend is not meant for everyone. The sooner people understand what trends work for them and what trends work against them, a lot more personal style development can begin. Creating your signature style is the best thing you can do for yourself. Your personal style is your brand.  From the pictures we see of June Ambrose we know that her signature style is comprised of turbans, Status Sunglasses by Grey Ant, and her signature red lipstick, MAC Ruby Woo.

It takes a lot of confidence to walk out your door wearing gigantic sunglasses, sporting a bulbous wrap on your head, and bright red lips. You have to own it and be committed to the look. In addition to feeling secure, be prepared for the looks you are sure to get. If you decide to try June's trademark look, you better be able to sell it like Naomi Campbell on the catwalk. Head held high, strut down the street like theme music is playing with each step you take. Nothing less will be accepted. If you cannot picture yourself in the above scenario, please do not rush out and buy a bunch of turbans. They will collect dust and you will have wasted your money.

Miss Ambrose launched her turban line last month and in the May issue of Ebony magazine, she offers her turban styling tips. I think June wears her turbans well most of the time. There have been times where her turbans were so over the top and huge that I thought she took an extra large bath towel and fashioned it into something so odd that it was just the right mix of gaudy and stylish. There is an art to creating that mix and few people have mastered it. Do not try this at home kids...

Do you have the confidence to embrace bold trends like June Ambrose and make them a part of your signature style? What are some of your signature style must haves? Leave your answers in the comments section!

{{SIDE BAR}} Chrisette Michele hired June Ambrose as her stylist for her latest music release. I thought the purpose of hiring a stylist was to help develop your style not to look like the stylist's clone. Have the celebrity styling jobs stalled for Miss Ambrose and that's what prompted her turban store?

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Chandra @ShiftC said...

I agree wholeheartedly. I have to stop myself before falling for a "trend". I've come to grips that some things just look better on other people. Some people just wear a "look" better than I ever could. One of those people happens to be June Ambrose. I'm not a fan of the turban, but it definitely works for June!


Anonymous said...

I, too, concur! June works her style (turbans, glasses, lips) but if the trend doesn't work for me, I'm not doing it!


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