Style 101: Khloe Kardsahian-Odom {Proper Fit Matters}


Proper fit is very important...

Last week, Khloe Kardashian-Odom was spotted going into DASH in Calabasas in a very unflattering ensemble.

The outfit is actually cute but Khloe did not use her garments in the best way to flatter her shape. For starters the pants are entirely too tight. Camel toe is never the goal...

Khloe is a tall, very curvy girl with a short torso. The tucked in denim shirt just over emphasizes her short waist, wide hips, and large bum. When you have a short torso, wear longer tops to give the illusion of a slightly lower waist line. Sidebar: why is her bra showing?

If only she had worn the denim shirt untucked and found some red skinny jeans a size and a half larger... Her outfit would look great. The shoes and the belt are the only things she got right. Paparazzi was on hand to catch Khloe's fashion crime and the gossip blogs ripped her to shreds. Let this be a lesson kids, always do a full length mirror check before you leave home and buy clothes to fit the body you have not the one you think you have.


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