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Top row: Target romper, Eugenia Kim fedora, & The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell, F21 dress
Bottom row: Target romper on model & a better pic of the fedora

Hello Fab Ones!!!! I wanted to share my recent little haul from Forever 21 and Target. I'm still very much unemployed and I'm very frugal with my purchasing.I have to absolutely LOVE something before I take the plunge and it has to be under $50. The romper was $19.99, the Eugenia Kim fedora was missing a price tag and it was the last one, I figured the cashier would find the price for me. When I tell you guys I lucked up, I lucked up!!!! Thanks to the cashier who was eager to get off work and did not feel like searching for the price, she rang it up for $4.99. Woo-hoo!!! Everyone knows about my Sex and The City obsession so I need to know Carrie Bradshaw from the beginning, plus I just need some lighthearted reading because classes resume next week and the yawn inducing reading begins *sigh*. The Carrie Diaries was $13.82

The Forever 21 dress was love at first sight and $19.80. I love the vibrant print and it has pockets. Dresses with pockets are amazing. I love them.

I have so many ideas on how to accessorize my new romper and dress. I'm taking the romper to a tailor to have the partial fold of the shorts stitched all the way around. I don't like how the stitching is only on the sides and the rest of the fold is left to hang.

I'm glad I was able to add a couple of new pieces to my spring/summer wardrobe and at such great prices. Now if I can just find those Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges all would be right in my fashion life...that is until I see the next cute must have item ;)

Till next time! Stay fabulous!!


ChiTown Fashionista said...

I didn't realize that Forever21 dress had pockets. LOVE!

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