Haute Bag Lady Bag of The Week


This week's Haute Bag Lady Bag is from French fashion house, Lanvin. The Happy Snakesin Shoulder Bag on the left is BEYOND gorgeous. I love shoulder bags. When I was little, I used to carry one of my mom's around and pretend I was going to run errands and pick up the kids. I would also wear her high heels too. I was destined to be a diva, lol!

The Lanvin bag just says classy lady to me and with a price tag of $2230, it really says classy, rich lady. Aldo's Dotts is a cute (much less pricey) alternative. There's no lush snakeskin, tonal stitching, brass hardware, or gorgeous satin bow, but for $38 I can get past all that. Maybe...

Loving that Lanvin!


ChiTown Fashionista said...

WOW! That Lanvin bag is to DIE FOR! I'm not sure the Aldo one could make up for that.

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