Lena Horne on A Different World: A Rock, a River, a Lena


Hello World! I'm quite sad about the passing of entertainment icon and activist, Lena Horne. I'm working on an official post but I came across this video on You Tube from Ms. Horne's appearance on A Different World. Typical Whitley zoomed in on everything she thought Ms. Horne was about: the black bourgeoisie and tiny watercress sandwiches. The first time I saw this episode I laughed and thought many people probably reacted to Ms. Horne in that manner.

There was a realness about Lena Horne, she always struck me as the type of classy woman with a lot of grace who would let you know without raising her voice or uttering one curse word that she was not for any games.

I loved when Cree Summer's character, Fredi Brooks greeted Ms. Horne with the black power fist and a heartfelt "Right on, soul mama!"


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