Here Comes The Sun {Apply Sunscreen}


Nina Simone’s 1971 album cover ‘Here Comes The Sun’

Here comes the sun little darlin, here comes the sun I say, its all right, its all right! Little Darlin its been a long cold & lonely winter, little darlin it feels like years since you've been here!

Those are the lyrics to one of my favorite Nina Simone songs, Here Comes The Sun. I often find myself humming it when the sun and warm weather actually arrives in Chicago. The past few days the sun has been beaming and the temperatures have been in the middle to upper 80’s. Yes!!!!

I spent two days in the sun and can you believe I forgot to put on sunscreen? Yes, brown people need sunscreen too. Realizing I was all out of sunscreen, off to CVS I went to spend my $6 in Extra Care dollars towards the purchase of somebody’s sun shielding agent.

Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock was the first one I checked, but the $14.99 price tag made me pause. Luckily CVS has an identical version for $7.99 ($2+ for me once my Extra Care bucks were applied):
cvs sheer mist sunscreen
I won’t be going outside again on a hot, hot, hot day without misting myself with sunscreen. There are higher SPF levels if you need it but, SPF 45 will suffice for me.

Enjoy the sun but don’t forget your sunscreen!

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