Get in touch with your inner B. Smith...


Lately I've really wanted to cook and entertain. I envision myself whipping up tasty delights for a small dinner party. Just so I'm being honest here, I'm about as non domestic as they come.
I do enjoy good food and good company, sadly the good food is never my contribution.

My goal is to get in touch with the B. Smith that lives within me and not cause people the need to have their tummy's pumped after eating my experiments, er..uh, cooking. I will conquer the kitchen and make a meal that my friends and family WILL eat and love (or at least like).

Miss Jamie aka Rural Glamour has been cooking up a storm and posting all about it. Check out some of her yummy recipes. I'm thinking about trying the Apple Brandy Chicken.

As the holidays get closer its time to plan your soirees. This Friday, Emil Grosso, President of Sebastians will tell us how to choose a caterer for the holidays.

Be sure to check out A Life of Style's Holiday Entertaining post!
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rebelleBAP said...

Thanks you for shout out!!

Hugs and Smooches

Rural Glamour

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