The Fall Blues


While most bloggers are happily embracing their love of fall, excited for the chance to toss on cozy sweaters and rock a pair of hot leather boots, I am alone on my island crying and bemoaning the inevitable. I have the fall blues which will turn into the winter blues as is the case every year.

I despise the fall and winter gets no love from me either. I only get excited about September because of the magazines. I have a great appreciation for fall fashion and beauty campaigns.

The fall season brings all the things I loathe such as rain, high winds, bone chilling cold temperatures, and sometimes snow flurries. Here in Chicago, all of those can occur in one day. I fall shop out of sheer necessity not because I actually like sweaters, coats, and boots. Trust me. I don’t. My color palette for the fall and winter season is black and gray. I really don’t care what the hot colors and trends of the season are. I dress for warmth because my only goal is to stay warm and dry.

The fall is such an ugly time of the year. The sun rarely is seen, the city has this gross gray hue covering it and my mood takes a major nose dive. I need sunshine and warm temperatures to thrive. Please miss me with the leaves littering the sidewalk, the crisp (cold) air, and all that jazz.

 Nevertheless I have a VERY short fall and winter shopping list.
 **At least 4 more sweaters in Gray and black

** Stretch trouser cords from J. Crew

** Black Frye boots

** Dark gray North Face down coat

 **Thick wool socks

 **Knee length wool coat

So I’ll be pushing through this fall and winter season as best I can, like I do every year. The less I have to be outside in the elements the better for all involved.

Are you excited about the fall? I’d love to know why, so please leave a comment!


Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

Imma need for you to pack it up and head down south. This perfect weather for you. I absolutely hate summer here, 33 years and still hate

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