Drive Cleaning: A Lifestyle Convenience


My current favorite business in Chicago is Drive Cleaning. A pick up and delivery dry cleaning service that is making me a very happy camper.

Drive Cleaning picks up your dry cleaning or wash and fold laundry on Tuesday or Friday and brings it back within four days. If you schedule a pick up on Tuesday then Friday the driver is bringing your fresh crisp and clean garments to your office on Friday. I have used Drive Cleaning three times since learning about the service and I love it. My clothes come back in stellar condition.

They invoice every month on the 30th and the best part about their service is the delivery is FREE!!!!! That's right the pick up and drop off costs nothing extra. Their prices are comparable to the neighborhood dry cleaners. Anytime I can find a way to check something off my weekend to do list so that I can use my time for something I really want to do is a major plus in my book. If you're in Chicago, give Drive Cleaning a try.

For more information:
Drive Cleaning


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