Mascara Showdown {Maybelline, Neutrogena, & Rimmel}


Top to bottom: Maybelline Falsies, Rimmel Maxx Volume Flash, Neutrogena Healthy Lengths

There are are probably 500+ mascaras on the market all promising unbelievable lashes that command attention and if you look at the ads you'll be expecting nothing short of Chinese fans for eyelashes. Yeah. We all know that is rarely the case.

My mascara needs are simple; I want lots of volume. There are three mascaras that I have had in heavy rotation for quite some time.
  • Maybelline Falsies - Falsies is just okay for me. I'm not getting stopped on the street "Do you have on false lashes?" In my opinion, this is an average masacara that does not live up to the claims in their ad.
  • Neutrogena Healthy Lengths - I was very surprised at how well my lashes responded to NHL. A fair amount of volume with a nice lengthening effect. I reach for this on days when I am in a hurry. It's a great mascara to keep close by because you can apply a couple of coats without a lot of technique.
  • Rimmel Maxx Volume Flash - Rimmel mascaras have always worked well for me. MVF is the best out of the three. It gives insane volume. I can't wait to see how my lashes look after a few more weeks using Rapid Lash and using MVF.
I rarely repurchase the same mascara but I'm trying to get better at learning what products work for me so that I can cut back on spending. Rimmel Maxx Volume Flash will definitely be a repurchase though.

Oh before I go! Stay tuned to The Stylish Life this week to find out how to win a gift bag filled with some of the products mentioned this week!


makeup said...

Maybelline is the one I am using for my mascara.

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