Getting My Anna Wintour On {Chicago Fashion Focus Week}


I am so excited for next week. Chicago Fashion Focus Week begins Monday night with an exclusive invite only kick-off party hosted by the Mayor's Fashion Council. Sadly yours truly isn't on that guest list (yet...) but I am attending some shows, hence the title of this post. I will be getting my Anna Wintour on. Too bad I don't have an Andre Leon Talley-esque partner in crime to accompany me.

Chicago Fashion Focus is our own version of New York Fashion Week. As much as I enjoy NYFW, it will be great to see fashion through the eyes of local designers. For those of you who may not be aware, Chicago is a very fashion forward city. We are not lacking in amazing design talent and stylish people who know how to put it all together.

This will be my first time attending any of the shows as working press. Woo-hoo!! I'll update my blog everyday with pictures and commentary, so check back often. If you're attending the fashion festivities let me know.

Here's where The Stylish Life will be:
  • Tuesday, October 19 - Macy’s presents the Chicago Fashion Incubator Designers Past & Present with CS Magazine
  • Wednesday, October 20th - Mario, Make Me A Model
  • Thursday, October 20 - Dress Code
  • Friday, October 21 - The Art of Fashion
Besides the shows, there will be shopping events, parties, and a full day of fashion seminars on Sunday.
Okay, I have a schedule to finalize and outfits to plan!! See ya' later!

For more information:
Fashion Focus 2010 Full Schedule of Events


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