Chicago Fashion Focus: Designers Past & Present


Last night I attended the kickoff runway show for Chicago Fashion Focus Week. The Chicago Fashion Incubator and Macy's is a year-long program that develops the talent and careers of local designers.
My name on my chair in the press section.

I'll admit that I am not that familiar with local design talent in Chicago so I was pretty excited to see the creations come down the runway.
Here are some of my favorite looks from Designer's Past & Present Runway Show:

I'm a sucker for ruffes and flower details.

Simply gorgeous!

Audey - This was my favorite collection of the night!

I loved the whimsy of Audey's dresses. There was a sweet yet very modern country girl vibe that really spoke to me.  

Loving the patterned tights. They lend an edge to a pretty tame gathered mini.

AggA B.

Something about the above look was very Katherine Hepburn to me.

Nora del Busto

Donaldo Smith of Killian Gui

Really like the color blockedand untucked shirts!

A man cannot go wrong in a tailored button down shirt, crisp jeans and polished boots!
This was an excellent offering of past and present Chicago Fashion Incubator designers. I'm so proud of Chicago. There is an amazing plethora (I love that word) of fashion talent here and I am so glad that I now know of some local designers.

Do any of the designs appeal to you? Let me know what you think!!


Makeup said...

Fashion has never lost its trend. Still amazing!

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