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Lately I’ve been very out of sorts – I’m not getting enough sleep, work is crazy busy, and my diet is awful. Needless to say, both my health and my beauty routine are suffering. And boy is it showing =(

In an effort to get back on track I am making a few changes:

* Breakfast – Yes I know it’s the most important meal of the day but guess what? I rarely eat breakfast. My mornings typically start off so slowly that I don’t have time for breakfast. My goal is to set aside at least fifteen minutes for a slice of toast and some fruit.

* Vitamins and Water – These are the only healthy items in my diet and it hurts to admit that I take my vitamins after digesting a fast food meal. I take a Woman’s One-A-Day multi-vitamin along with the GNC Women’s Hair, Skin, and Nails. I drink a lot of water during the day and typically choose water over fruit juices or a carbonated beverages. I'm trying to keep this up and resist the urge for a Cherry Coca Cola, which I've been known to drink two per day.

* Facial – Just what the spa goddess ordered! I’m scheduling a facial for next Friday because I am looking tired and no amount of makeup can alleviating the situation.

* Bedtime – Ideally I would love to be in bed by 10 p.m. every night…I’m so trying to accomplish this!

* At Home Pampering – I honestly can’t recall the last time I’ve applied a mask, pulled out my foot tub for a tootsie soak, or used a scalp treatment. I plan to make this a weekly activity.

* Yoga – The only form of exercise I truly enjoy. I take yoga on most Saturday mornings but I’ve missed a class or two. Must get back into my yoga mindset. Om…

What are some of your health and beauty tips? How do you reenergize and stay cute despite work and personal demands? Share your answers in the comments section =)

**Btw...that's not my work area pictured but it closely resembles it, lol! I hate paper work!


Mischo Beauty said...

I HEART yoga! OMG! Just started taking classes a few months ago thanks to Julia (All About the Pretty) and I tried out classes at the yoga studio she attends and I love it! I go every Sunday morning and I HATE missing a class!

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