A Life of Style: August Product Haul


August was a great month for me in beauty and product purchases. Here's my haul...reviews forthcoming in later blog posts.


Jamila said...

Ooohh. You picked up some goodies. I love all of my HIP duos. I tried the Rimmel Glam'Eyes and wasn't too stoked about it. Hopefully you'll have better luck though.

Kim (Blog Writer, A Life of Style) said...

HIP duos are the best drugstore e/s. I'm pretty in love with my Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express for now and I haven't read many good reviews about Glam Eyes :(
I fell for the pretty packaging, I'm so weak, lol

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

*Gasp* lol!! Love that haul.I love all things Too Faced. Hows that shadow?

You know I got the Glam'Eyes right. Left it out in my car in a makeup bag and it dried up. soooo...you make the call.


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