A Life of Style: Essence Magazine, this is for you.


My fabulous BFF and Haute & Hair blog writer has posted a very interesting open letter to Essence magazine. Check it out!!!

I have been ready to leave Essence alone for the past three years because the articles are just yawn inducing recycled information that I've read a million times already.

What typically draws me to a magazine is the cover. Essence has used the same people on their covers and I am sick of it. The repeat cover offenders are Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Mo'Nique (ugh!!!), Jill Scott (LOVE HER to death but how about Angie Stone or Ledisi getting the cover girl treatment???)

I invite you to check out Haute & Hair's open letter and share your thoughts!!!!

The Essence cover pictured above is from 2000 and as you can see a model was featured...there's a novel concept. MODELS on the cover of a magazine.


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