A Life of Style: The Closet Makeover Pt. 1


The past few months have been all about decluttering and purging. My goal was to have my closet reorganized by now but that has not happened. The main reason my closet project remains unfinished is that I have a dream closet in my mind that doesn't quite match up with the actual space. Oprah Winfrey, Kimora Lee, and Toni Childs (from Girlfriends) all have closets that I would d-i-e for. But alas, I am so not in their tax bracket so the challenge for me is to create my own closet heaven. Of course there is a stumbling block to this oasis I long for.

Yesterday I began pulling out all my clothes, shoes, and bags to sort through what stays and what can go. This was a hard task because I have such an emotional attachment to my things. I tossed a mahogany Coach Janice's Legacy from 1995 into the what can go pile. Fifteen minutes later, I added it to the what stays pile. Honestly, I haven't carried that purse since early 2000 but it's the very first designer bag I bought as an adult. I'm never going to get anywhere with my closet makeover if I can't get rid of some things!

I just want to be able to walk into my closet and pull together an ensemble without looking at pieces I haven't worn in forever. The first step in this process is letting go of the emotional attachment to my old things. I'll keep you all posted on the process and hopefully have pictures to share.

Closet image courtesy of Domino magazine


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