The Stylish Life: Haute Bag Lady Bag of the Week: Furla Candy Bags


                           How cute is Furla's Candy Satchel in Pink? This bag needs to be in my life.
    Here is the complete collection in Acai (blue), Mango (yellow), Passion Fruit (red), and Avocado (green).

                         I love satchels and I love the pretty bright colors of this classic handbag style
                                                   and I especially love the $195 price tag.
                                         Will you be scooping up a Furla Candy Bag this season?


The Cubicle Chick said...

Ooh, I love these colors and these bags! The price seems kinda steep for a patent leather bag but I suspect the quality is better in person. I got my eye on this bag!

ChiTown Fashionista said...

Been eyeing these for awhile and was actually discussing these on Twitter last night. There was a minor scare that they were sold out and one had to get on a waiting list. But I see that still has them in least for now. I'm torn between the blue and green!

Go!SpaGirl said...

Love these! So fun for spring and summer! Aren't they jelly-like material like jelly sandals? Either way, I love the look! I have my eye on the pink one.....

Poochie said...

I've got a blue and a pink one I was going to return if anyone is interested in buying. I know the blue is pretty scarce out there now. Both are unused. Email me at


marc jacobs bags said...

oh i am enthralled with the colors of these bags.. they are all in pastel colors.

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