Meagan Good {Torn}


Urban actress, Meagan Good seems to favor ripped jeans, tiny tops, leather jackets, and knee high boots. She is definitely a celebrity who is not heavily into current trends and does her own thing. I can respect that, but what I have an issue with is how unpolished she typically looks.

I'm all for looking sexy for a night out and tastefully showcasing the girls but this threadbare tank top with a couple of faux strategically placed rips and visible bra business screams cheap and raggedy.

What is the point of the navy blue suspenders just hanging there? And the lone, extended feather earring? Her look is ALL over the place.

I believe in balance with style. The leather moto jacket, ripped jeans and boots are just enough edge. Miss Good should have opted for a nice intact black tank top.

I feel some sort of way about her "Louis Vuitton" case too but I'll stop now...

What do you think of Meagan Good's look? Does she need to revamp her style?



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