I Hate to Toot My Own Horn... TOOT-TOOT!


The power of the web is just remarakable and I am so thankful for all the friendships I have made online that have become off line friendships as well. My good friend, Miss Danyelle, blogger and social media darling is gearing up for her second annual Show Me the Blog Social Media and Blogging Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. And that is not all, yours truly is a part of the Show Me the Blog team. *horn tooting starts now* Feel free to toss some confetti too... I'll wait.

This year, I'm the Communications Director for Show Me the Blog. Yay me!!!!

For more information:

Latest Show Me the Blog post

2nd Annual Show Me the Blog press release

By the way, presale tickets are available now!!! $50.00 for the full conference or $35.00 for one day.


The Cubicle Chick said...

I am so very happy and pleased to have you on the Show Me the Blog team. Thank you for the hard work you have put in thus far.

yummy411 said...

CONGRATS MAMA! toot toot away!

Swa-Rai said...

I'm happy for you!! congratulations...

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