March 8, 2011: My Janet Jackson Concert Experience


As everyone knows, Tuesday, March 8th was Janet Jackson Day. All day I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation. My productivity at work was extremely low – I could barely focus on anything. I am an unapologetic, die hard; own every CD, DVD, lifelong fan so you can imagine how frantic I was for the concert. Don't mess with me about Janet!

The energy outside the Chicago Theatre was CRAZY! The fans were beyond ready. Once we were allowed inside, I made a beeline to purchase a program and tee shirt. I was escorted to my seat by a friendly upbeat usher who told me I was in for quite a show. My seat was on the main floor in perfect view of the stage, I got settled, chatted with some people nearby; saw a few friends, and spent time texting and checking Twitter. Mindless Behavior, a tween group took to the stage. They were good but definitely not for my demographic. I was eager (very) for them to get through their set. They were cute and energetic but I can only take so much auto-tune.

Once they were done, everyone knew it was only a matter of minutes before chaos erupted. The intensity inside the theatre was HIGH. We were ready. The lights came down and everyone jumped up. Was this it? Was the queen about to take the stage? No. The video of Janet announcing her tour began. Everyone in the audience jumped to their feet and started screaming. The video All For You began. All For You is the song Janet dedicated to Chicago. The crowd was going crazy. I knew in a few more minutes I was about to lose my sh*! And just like that, the icon burst on stage in a skin tight black cat suit and SHUT THE ENTIRE PLACE DOWN!!!!!!!!!! I was on one hundred and ten! I was screaming and jumping up and down like a maniac. The lady in the seat in front of me dropped to the floor and her husky boyfriend was going bananas as well. Really, dude???

Janet’s first song was Pleasure Principle, followed by a medley of tracks from Control. I had my camera but I was having too much fun singing and dancing to take pictures and besides Janet was commanding that stage with her trademark fierce moves, I need a camera equipped to take action shots. I found this footage on You Tube.

After the high powered dance moves, Janet left the stage and clips of her various acting roles were shown -Penny from Good Times, Charlene from Different Strokes, Justice from Poetic Justice, and Pat from Why Did I Get Married Too – yes, the golf club smashing glass tables scene. The audience really screamed loudly during that clip. The lights went low and Miss Jackson was back in a lavender gown with silver spikes on the shoulders and a KILLER silver pair of Christian Louboutins. She sang Nothing, Come Back to Me, Let’s Wait Awhile. Following the slow songs, Janet kicked things back into high gear. She killed I Get Lonely.

This was truly an amazing concert. I laughed, danced, sang, and cried during the end when she performed Together Again as pictures of her and Mike flashed across the screen. Two days later and I am still on a Janet Jackson high. She is indeed an artist and a true performer. Twenty five years in the industry and still tearing a stage up, Miss Jackson you are and forever will be my idol!


Goody said...

girl i almost teared up at the end also...especially when she showed the pictures with michael

it was really a great show!

socialitedreams said...

wasn't it just soooo fabulous??? glad that you had an incredible time :D


Literary Marie said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. I feel like I was there too!

Olga said...

thanks for the part 1 and 2 .. this gave a sneak preview of what is to come to Santa Barbara , Ca on April 9th.. I can't wait to see her live Up Close and Personal!!

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