A Mantra for Monday


It's Monday morning and I'm doing my usual  pre-work day activites - reading blogs, browsing the New York Times website, and downloading today's WWD (Women's Wear Daily). I need a few moments to myself before my work begins.

I love when I find something positive and encouraging online. This mantra was posted on Christen's blog, Creative Seven. I like the simplicity of the words. We often are told to visualize what we want, write it down, pray on it, ask God, etc... We make it so complex when it really doesn't have to be. These four lines really put everything in perspective for me. I am challenging myself to live by them and see what unfolds in my life.

Happy Monday...Guess I'll officially start my work day now ;-)


Lauren said...

I'll take this even on a Wednesday
Lauren from ChickAdvisor

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