Black History Feature: Madam C.J. Walker


Sarah Breedlove better known as Madam CJ Walker

Thank you Madame C.J. Walker for your contribution to African American hair care and your remarkable business savvy. Here are a few facts about the first black female millionaire:
  • Tired of losing her hair, Madam C.J. Walker created her own hair care products, Wonderful Hair Grower and Vegetable Shampoo.
  • Launched her business selling door to door. 
  • Conducted product demonstrations in churches.
  • Opened Laila College, a beauty school to train Walker Hair Culturists.
  • Purchased her very own factory where her products were made. Opened a second beauty school.
  • She was a philanthropist and a tireless activist.
  • Developed the Madam C.J. Walker Hair Culturists Union of America, which was a group sales agents who sold hair products just like the Avon, Mary Kay, and Tupperware sales reps of today.
  • Conducted the first national sales meeting for her sales agents.
For more information:
Madam CJ Walker


A'Lelia said...

Dear Kim,
Love your blog! Just wanted to thank you for featuring Madam C. J. Walker and for linking to our website. As her great-great-granddaughter and biographer--and as president of the Madam Walker Family Archives--I'm always thrilled and grateful when others are inspired by her. Today we keep her legacy alive through the Madam Walker Theatre Center, a National Historic Landmark in Indianapolis (; our books and speeches; by honoring successful entrepreneurs; and by sharing photographs, documents and other Walker memorabilia with the public from our family archives.
Best wishes,
A'Lelia Bundles

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