Black History Feature: Academy Award Winners


2009 - Mo'Nique, Best Actress in a Supporting Role

2006 - Jennifer Hudson. Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Dreamgirls.
2004 - Jamie Foxx. Best Actor. Ray.
2002 - Halle Berry. Best Actress. Monster's Ball
2002 - Denzel Washington. Best Actor. Training Day.

1996 - Cuba Gooding Jr. Best Actor in a Supportinf Role. Jerry McGuire.

1989 - Denzel Washington. Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Glory.

1990 - Whoopi Goldberg. Best Supporting Actress. Ghost.

1963 - Sidney Poitier. Best Actor. Lilies of the Field.

1939 - Hattie McDaniels. Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Gone with the Wind

That's all folks!


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