Haute Bag Lady Bag of the Week


It was bag love at first sight when I spotted Marcie at Neiman Marcus last year. I am really starting to love Chloe bags (not loving the price tag though). The four digit price tag is way too steep for this working girl. I knew I had to back away from the bag when I was thinking about having my friend who was with me fake an asthma attack to create a diversion, thus providing me the opportunity to run like hell towards the exit, hop in one of the many cabs racing down Michigan Avenue and head home with my haute stolen bag.

Sadly fear of eternal damnation and the shame I would bring upon my family, brought me back to reality. My friend looked at me like I was crazy when I casually mentioned my asthma attack heist idea. Some friend she is! LOL!!!

The Marcie style is one of the most popular Chloe bags out now. The small and large version are both around $2,000. There is a python version  *swoons* that costs $4,000.

What do you think of the Marcie bag by Chloe? Haute or not?



Tee said...

I love this handbag. Great structure and very chic. Need to added it to my closet

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